Relationship with food

Relationship with Food

What is food?

“Food is any substance consumed to provide nutritional support to the body”. Really? Is that it? Food is the means of providing human beings a sense of fulfilment and pleasure, equipping them with the mental and physical energy required to keep going all day. It is a means of helping people achieve their fitness, nutritional and satiety goals at regular instalments during the course of the day. In a day, what else do you focus on as much as food? (Maybe using the toilet, but that’s again because of food and water). Is there anything else that keeps you so occupied, that brings a smile to your work-day, that gives you a much needed break while you’re working hard? And what do you do? Do you ignore it or embrace it?

Relationship with food

Food forms a connect:

Food forms a connect of sorts. People’s relationship with food is always varied, but deep – be it cooking or eating. My relationship with food is of similar crazy levels, to the extent that I think of lunch over breakfast, dinner over lunch and so on… Food is more than a mechanical stereotyped routine. It’s beyond an involuntary function. It has evolved with time only to offer itself in palatable forms, sumptuous spreads and toothsome varieties. Food is by all means the reason of our existence and the reason our Instagram pages are flooded with pictures of yummy delights. While there is another category of people who just eat to live and not live to eat. I fail to understand them. But I do hope to be like them some day; hoping the thought of food doesn’t haunt me day in and day out, hoping for a slimmer me, a flat stomach and less chubby cheeks.

Foods adds variety to life

Food we fancy:  

We fancy all sorts of junk and regular food, coz food is meant for all – for the fit and fat, the conscious and mesmerized, the eaters and over-eaters and everyone alike. Finger-foods, party favours, authentic delicacies, snacks and appetizers, full-course meals, festive flavours and local country tastes have foods of all sorts that we fancy. Occasions and festivals provide us a chance to relate food to culture, events and treats thrown for celebration help us to connect and pass on good wishes to our peers. Food is central to every occasion and the reason to celebrate and enjoy. Think of parties, weddings, family get-togethers and special gatherings without food? Extract food from a social function and the function is labelled a ‘flop’, take food out of a festival and the festival is considered ‘dry’, ship food away from family meets and the purpose of ‘togetherness’ is defeated. What does all this convey – that food forms the most integral part of our lives and keeps us upbeat with our social, mental and physical selves.

Food helps connect!

In this blog, I will write on food and share pictures on and off about the food I love, the kinds I can connect to and anything interesting that I eat or come across. My love for food will help me post as and when I can.

Lyf&Spice asks:  

Do you label food as one of the most important element of your day? Do you eat to live or live to eat?

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