30 Photos That Will Make You Travel To Perhentian Islands Now

Our photo story…  Hola travellers… We just got back from Perhentian Islands and we give you 30 reasons (in pictures) to visit these jewels of the ocean yourselves. Perhentian Islands have been our favourite islands since our first visit to them in 2015. That’s what made us fall in love with the island life, underwater life and helped us take a step further to get … Continue reading 30 Photos That Will Make You Travel To Perhentian Islands Now

Hiking at Bukit Keluang

Of hops, jumps and scenic views Hiking in my beautiful city What is the best park of a hike? To me, it’s the unpredictability. I love the uncertainty associated with every hiking trail. You never know what’s in store for you. The kind of scenery, beautiful scapes, changing valour of the breeze and rhythmically drifting aromas of nature, the splash of the ocean… all work … Continue reading Hiking at Bukit Keluang

In love with Scuba!!!

Deep Sea Diving Adventures Hello folks!! It’s been a while since I posted on my blog… That’s coz I was busy training underwater… Read on to know more. (Pssst… for those friends who have been asking me to share pics, I have no pics of my dive, as I was too scared to click or get clicked.. Next time for sure 🙂 ) Here’s the post … Continue reading In love with Scuba!!!

Perhentian - an enchanting paradise!

The Emerald Waters of Perhentian Islands

Stop! You’re at Perhentian: Of sun, sea and sands, I thought I had seen them all. How different could one island be from the other? And then I reached an enchanting paradise of a cyan blue ocean, of cascading waves – the “Perhentian islands”.  The briny and nippy air breezing through the most pristine water on earth touches your face to make you go– “Oh! … Continue reading The Emerald Waters of Perhentian Islands