Online Book Launch Party: An Event Etched In My Memory

A virtual party that was…

During a live announcement – Free eBook!
**Warning: This post contains a pile of screenshots! Enter at your own risk…

What is the best way to gather your loved ones when you can’t be with them at that moment? Well, you resort to virtual means of getting your family and friends together.

Free Book Day poster

I was overwhelmed during my book launch and was eagerly waiting for the release, the launch formalities to follow and to get all my supporters in one frame. So I decided to have an e-party.

Online Book Launch Party

The party was and is so close to my heart that I actually took screenshots of the event.

Are you ready???

There were wishes pouring in from different parts of the world…

A few events within the event: The main objective was to celebrate a happy moment with my nearest and dearest ones, and give away the eBook version of my book for free as a part of the special offer.

Join the fun!

This post is very dear to me and will remain the best part of my writing career – a humble beginning, a small step.


If you want to learn more about Kota Bharu and plan to visit Malaysia, order a copy for yourself.

Click on the images to buy… 



The launch wouldn’t have been complete without the support of you readers, my family, friends, and of course, my publisher.

-> Visit my author page on Amazon.

Thanks for the Love & Support!

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Today, it’s not Lyf&Spice but Aditi Shukla signing off…

Aditi Shukla e-signature


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