30 Photos That Will Make You Travel To Perhentian Islands Now

Our photo story…  Hola travellers… We just got back from Perhentian Islands and we give you 30 reasons (in pictures) to visit these jewels of the ocean yourselves. Perhentian Islands have been our favourite islands since our first visit to them in 2015. That’s what made us fall in love with the island life, underwater life and helped us take a step further to get … Continue reading 30 Photos That Will Make You Travel To Perhentian Islands Now

Batik Painting Demo at Kota Bharu, Malaysia

Exploring the artsy roots of Malaysia…  A staycation is always a wise choice when you have a short weekend with no travels lined up. You spend enough time exploring what’s in your own city rather than travelling outside. Last month, we spent a good deal of time checking out the art-laden roots of Malaysia. Yes, we are talking about the traditional form of painting, namely … Continue reading Batik Painting Demo at Kota Bharu, Malaysia

A Day at the Cultural Centre of Kota Bharu, Malaysia

   Exploring the cradle of culture About Kota Bharu: As promised a few months ago, I have started compiling clips and excerpts on the city I currently live in, i.e. Kota Bharu, the capital of Kelantan, Malaysia. Kelantan is the cradle of Malay culture and Kota Bharu truly lives up to the values of the State. It focuses on traditional art forms and stays close … Continue reading A Day at the Cultural Centre of Kota Bharu, Malaysia

Painting the town red: Street Art at Kota Bharu

Of colour pop and street hop The cute little town of Kota Bharu has a lot to offer. We intend to highlight the artsy side to it through this post. Where: Jalan Dato Pati, Bandar Kota Bharu, 15000 Landmark: Near the State Museum, behind the line-up of shop-houses Let’s dive in:  Hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of our 20 favourite pieces of art at Kota … Continue reading Painting the town red: Street Art at Kota Bharu

Hiking at Bukit Keluang

Of hops, jumps and scenic views Hiking in my beautiful city What is the best park of a hike? To me, it’s the unpredictability. I love the uncertainty associated with every hiking trail. You never know what’s in store for you. The kind of scenery, beautiful scapes, changing valour of the breeze and rhythmically drifting aromas of nature, the splash of the ocean… all work … Continue reading Hiking at Bukit Keluang

A Guide to Jungle Hiking in Cameron Highlands

Lost in the jungle trails…   The best way of exploring the woods or deep jungles is by hiking your way through. I am not a hard-core hiker, choosing the toughest trails and climbing ledges as I scale up. However, I enjoy an easy to moderate level of hike that makes me happy and exposes the untapped, virgin woods of the city. Keeping the concept … Continue reading A Guide to Jungle Hiking in Cameron Highlands

Strawberry Picking at Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

To do or not to do? Surfing Cameron Highlands online: Utter the words ‘Cameron Highlands’ and people will ask you to visit the strawberry fields, TripAdvisor will list it in its top few activities and  Google will bombard you with bucket loads of these red berries. Whether you should head to the strawberry farms or not, I’d say… read on and figure out for yourselves… … Continue reading Strawberry Picking at Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Melaka Travel Tips

All you need to know… Know your city Melaka or Malacca means the ‘historic state’, in Malay It was called Orang Laut and was originally a fishing village It was coined Melaka by founder Parameswara, after a tree where he took shelter It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and attained this status in 2008 Known for: its harmony and blend of culture, hawkers lanes, … Continue reading Melaka Travel Tips

Travel to Melaka – food and fun!

 Let’s eat and explore…        Image credit: Phalinn Ooi   Foodies go where? Why do we travel and seek adventures and thrills constantly? We traverse far and wide for gaining experiences that enrich us, for making memories that stay with us and for imbibing influences form different cultures that embrace us. One such journey in the quest for another enriching experience is that … Continue reading Travel to Melaka – food and fun!

Street Art – Part 2 (George Town, Penang)

My undying love for art takes me back to the streets of George Town, Penang… where I explore the murals I hadn’t seen in my previous visit. A day is not enough! You need to have good time in hand if you wanna leave no stone/wall unturned 😉 You must have gone through the photo tour George Town ‘Street Art’ of my favourite 20 pieces. Presenting to you a virtual … Continue reading Street Art – Part 2 (George Town, Penang)

Museums of Penang

Crazy, whacky, interactive, fun!!! Penang has some really funky, cute and unique museums that break the notion of ‘boring’ attached to museums. While some boast of specialized collections, others are merely meant for clicking crazy pictures. I have visited 6 of them so far – here are my First 3!!!   1. PG Gold Museum:  This rather new museum is in a heritage building at … Continue reading Museums of Penang

Penang Hill (Bukit Bendera)

       …… Seeking and ‘Peak’ing some adventures at Penang     Talk about vantage point, talk about Penang hill! The ever charming peak of Bukit Bendera or Penang Hill offers a bird’s eye view of the city. Nestled in Air Itam, it is about six kilometres from George Town. It offers a plethora of activities, while boasting of an enthralling view and colourful … Continue reading Penang Hill (Bukit Bendera)

Street Art at George Town, Penang

A virtual tour of my favourite 20!!! Colours, installations, themes, innovation and design scream STREET ART at Penang’s George Town! The streets are infested with amazing art. The murals transform the bare streets and give life and form to barren walls. Talented artists have brought about a fresh twist to mere paintings by combining them with installations to create realistic images that connect people with … Continue reading Street Art at George Town, Penang

Taxi Apps - Malaysia

Top 5 Taxi Apps – Malaysia

Travelling to Malaysia? You ought to have these apps downloaded on your smart phones: Uber: This app has taken Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru by storm. All that you have to do is create an account, sign in and request for a cab. It detects your location and sends you cab and driver details within seconds. The best feature is that you can track … Continue reading Top 5 Taxi Apps – Malaysia

The Blue Mansion

The Blue Mansion

Of Cheong Fatt Tze Penang is a land of diverse cultures. Situated at Penang’s famous George Town, The Blue Mansion forms an integral part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. A visit to this legendary mansion of Cheong Fatt Tze is a must. Having won several awards such as the Best Tourist Attraction, National Architectural Award and many more, it is known to be one … Continue reading The Blue Mansion