Spill the Beans with Jus’Trufs


In conversation with ‘Chenddyna Schae’ 

The ever charming Chenddyna Schae

Life is a box of chocolates; sometimes dark and bitter, sometimes light and sweet! It is a sweet mystery that unfolds itself as the days pass. Today, we are at Jus’Trufs to unveil the interesting story behind the building that stands tall and wide, housing the best chocolates of Bangalore. Is that all, or is there more to it? Let’s find out, as Lyf&Spice presents to you a new episode of Spill the Beans with the woman behind the surreal art of chocolate making – an exclusive interview with Chenddyna Schae from Jus’Trufs.


“It’s all about being real and being involved in it.” – Chenddyna Schae


Let’s spill the beans:

 This interview has been taken in two phases. Read on to find out…

L&S:  Tell us a bit about yourself.

CS:  I am passionate about chocolates. I like to learn and improvise as much as I can. In my free time, I like to put on some music and relax, or dance and party with my girls. I love spending time with my family.  When my children are down from Australia (and they mean the world to me), I’d rather spend time with them, bonding and vacationing for over a month. Quality time is what I focus on.

Bonding over Pizza…


L&S:  When did you start Jus’Trufs?

CS: We started Jus’Trufs in 2001 from our kitchens at home.


L&S:  Why the name ‘’Jus’Trufs”?

CS: We specialize in making truffles, and thus the name Jus’Trufs, though we make many other forms of chocolate and have expanded to a desserterie and a café as well.

Chocolates, cakes and sweet treats – a variety to choose from


L&S: What are Jus’Trufs’ signature chocolates and other items on the menu?

CS: I would go with the sea salt ganache made of Belgian chocolate, 70% dark thins, and the chilled  chocolate fudge milk shake, which is lovingly referred to as “Life Changing” . We are thrilled to be producing Single origin Chocolate bars made from the South Indian Cocoa bean. The Sea Salt Chilli bar is a clear winner here.


L&S: What does your team look like?

CS: My team is a dream team! I am asked if I am never daunted  with training so many new people who join me or wish to intern.  But I love training and sharing knowledge. . After all, your team supports you; and you can’t take away what’s in someone’s mind. If you are destined to do something big, you will do it, come what may!

When there are too many events or if we have to cater to a large number, my children and friends help me out as well. I have a great team that works wonderfully during and off events. My husband has always been the crusader and critic too, ever since Jus’Trufs began and way before!

The wonderful Jus’Trufs Family…


L&S: A quick note on your experience and journey.

CS: My Dad was a dentist, my Mom was with the Central Cottage Industries  and my two sisters  never got into dentistry either.. I didn’t take after him too and really wanted to get into food encouraged by my mom , so I took up a year-long Bakery & Confectionery certification course in Mumbai. I even did a 2 month internship at The Taj Mahal hotel, Mumbai. I thoroughly enjoyed working in  the hotel’s kitchen, gaining new experiences and learning with the chefs. I then did a year Hotel management program. I have been constantly training with Belgian and European masters on the fine art of  making chocolate.

From  Mumbai, I moved to Dandeli and finally to Bangalore in 2001. Having relocated a number of times, my experiences only helped me enhance knowledge about the industry, the requirements, customer base and more. India is not traditionally a cocoa growing country, and most of our cocoa comes from regions like Mysore and Coastal Karnataka. We believe in chocolate making as an art infused with our love for chocolates. The journey has been enriching and the experience soulful!

A healthy and exceptionally tasty chocolate spread!


L&S:  Tell us more about your chocolate tours, events and the café.

CS: Jus’Trufs started off with chocolates and we gradually moved on to incorporating sandwiches and milk shakes and we now have a full fledged cafe. We just started with a thought and one thing followed another.

We have always been passionate about food and believe in fresh, not frozen foods; one can’t live out of a pizza box after all. At Jus’Trufs we believe in making people understand how to read labels, understand fine prints, and engage in chocolate tasting. Jus’Trufs also organizes chocolate tours within the building. Participants register in advance and learn all about the art of chocolate making. We also organize school field trips for different age groups, with prior booking . We recommend the chocolate tour for a hands-on experience.


L&S:  How do you keep yourself going strong?

CS:  I just keep going. My passion drives me. Moreover, it’s a nice time to be in the market, because fresh ,natural food never goes out of style! 🙂

Passionate about chocolates…



L&S:  Your favourite quote.

CS:  “Life is short, Eat chocolate first!”


L&S:  A piece of advice to aspiring chocolatiers.

CS:  Be very clear of what you want to pursue  and how you want to do it. Do learn what real chocolate is as this knowledge will take you further.The market out there is beautiful!



About Just’Trufs:

Jus’Trufs represents a line of premium chocolates, beautifully crafted truffles and a range of all things chocolate. The four-storeyed building at Jakkur, has a cafe at the ground floor, organizes music events, comedy nights and more, and has a separate section for the chocolate making tour. With a range of sweet favors to choose from, it offers everything from sea salt ganache chocolates, ebony and ivory, caramel, truffles and dark chocolates to a range of cup cakes, red velvet preparations, sandwiches and chocolate shakes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To satisfy your sweet cravings, check out their website, walk into their cafe or connect with them on Instagram.


Lyf&Spice takes the Chocolate Tour!

After the extended chocolate tasting session, a round of chocolate shots and conversation over red velvet and oreo shake, I would like to thank Team Jus’Trufs for spending time with me !!! Wishing you all the sweet success in the world!

P.S. I was so charmed by Chenddyna and lured into discovering all about chocolates, that I went back to Jus’Trufs to fix up a chocolate tour. Want to see a video of the tour on my channel? Click here.

Stay tuned for a review on the cafe of Jus’Trufs & to find out all that I ate 🙂 …

Choco Cheers!!!

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  1. It is wonderful to see so many things are done under one roof related with chocolate.
    Mouth waaaaaaaaaatering and very tempting.
    Credit to people who created and the way you penned down.

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