Anyone with me?

Confessions of a Non-Alcoholic!

Dedicated to the non-alcoholic versions of human beings; the mocktail-lovers!!!

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Drowned in alcohol?  

Are your relationships at stake because of alcohol? Are you finding it difficult to cope with your peers? Have you thought of ways to overcome your alcoholism? If not, you must get started right away. This passage has a twist to it. It focuses on those beings affected by the non-consumption of alcohol. We have heard of people suffering from drinking problems or addiction to alcohol. What happens to those non-drinkers? Are they suffering too? Maybe in their own ways.

Having grown up in a family of doctors, there is but little scope for drinking. Thus, it never became a part of growing up, it never marked the stage in life where one becomes an ‘adult’ officially. There are a number of factors that label you as a ‘grown-up’ and alcohol is definitely not of them. Consumption of alcohol is a choice. It cannot be forced upon. Trying it out for the heck of it and then deciding against it is different from trying it out and sticking to it just to be ‘cool’.

Anyone with me?
Anyone with me?

Withdrawal symptoms:  

By withdrawal symptoms, we mean the way non-alcoholics withdraw themselves from the crowd; the way they retract from interactions and end up confining themselves. Some of the common withdrawal symptoms and the reasons behind doing so are:

  • Lost in the crowd: I am in a crowd, amidst so many people, but I feel like I have no one to connect to. All my friends drink and I am the only one who is a part of this party pool, but disconnected in ways more than one.
  • I’m so lonely: Yes, I often feel left out. Meeting up for brunch without involving alcohol or just catching up over an evening frappuccino seems passé.
  • Dancing sober: I am at a night club. I end up dancing in a sane, decent manner. I am aware of all my moves. I love music and music makes me groove. But after a certain point I look around; is there anyone to dance with me?
  • I have very few friends: Today, everyone is bothered about their popularity meter. Yes, I am very popular on Facebook but I hardly have real friends. Can this be the reason? Is this why most of them meet me just once?
  • I miss being me: I miss talking and having real chats with people. My friends are either too drunk to chat or too caught up trying to simmer their hangover. Doesn’t anyone meet up for an alcohol-free lunch anymore? Is every Saturday night dedicated to parties?!
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I choose to be non-alcoholic

The confession:

The desolation leaves me wondering what to do. Are clubs and dance floors meant only for the ones who drink? And then it strikes me, I drink not because I should not, but because I do not. I must stand up for what I believe. I will not get bogged down by this. Yes, I feel left out on the whole. But this will not make me wanna drink. This makes me different and I am ok with it. Life is anyway never easy. I can face this nice and brave. Yes, I want to make friends, but not those who enjoy my company only when I drink. I wanna hang out with those who love me for what I am, who have fun around the sane, sober me.

I am tired of people laughing at me, am tired of running away from their glower chases. They bug out in astonishment. When drunk, they scowl at me! I cannot let them exclaim “OMG! Did you say you DONT drink” anymore! The next party or gathering I go to, I will be bold enough to face the crowd and say, “No, I don’t drink. Don’t you think that’s cool”?

I choose mocktails...
I choose mocktails…

Lyf&Spice speaks:

In times when literally every person around you drinks, staying away is not easy. However, facing a situation like the above can be made very simple. Don’t let it bother you. Don’t feel ashamed – after all, it’s your choice and you very well have the right to decide against it. Get rid of the guilt bug – think of who should ideally be guilty…

4 thoughts on “Confessions of a Non-Alcoholic!

  1. Oh hell ya ! you just hit gold there.
    I never drank till I finished my postgrad and every time i got invited to a party was solely based on if I would drink or not. An obnoxious version of socialising where to half the people who actually drink don’t like drinking at all and fall into peer pressure of acceptance.

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  2. Absolutely!!! It’s when the thin line fades & the sane audience (rather individual) is left alone watching you and watching upon you…


  3. Beautifully said !
    Its on how one feels after a couple of drinks until being completely drunk.
    If only ecstacy ever existed and was only found during the walk on that thin thread when you start drinking and realize being drunk.
    I loved the “confession” part – Its even more ecstatic to be watching the drunks and virtually being through their actions while they are concious of the fact of one amomg them being sane and steady to back their ruckus..!


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