Melaka Travel Tips

All you need to know… Know your city Melaka or Malacca means the ‘historic state’, in Malay It was called Orang Laut and was originally a fishing village It was coined Melaka by founder Parameswara, after a tree where he took shelter It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and attained this status in 2008 Known for: its harmony and blend of culture, hawkers lanes, … Continue reading Melaka Travel Tips

15 Street Food Items and Things To Do at Jonker Walk, Melaka

Strolling along the Chinatown of Melaka What is Jonker Walk? Jonker Walk is the Chinatown of Melaka, Malaysia. Just like most South East Asian cities have a Chinatown, so does Melaka. Jonker walk lies in Jalan Hang Jebat a.k.a. Jonker Street. Known as the ethnic and cultural hub, it houses a number of food stalls, tourist attractions, shops and other places to hang out. How … Continue reading 15 Street Food Items and Things To Do at Jonker Walk, Melaka

Travel to Melaka – food and fun!

 Let’s eat and explore…        Image credit: Phalinn Ooi   Foodies go where? Why do we travel and seek adventures and thrills constantly? We traverse far and wide for gaining experiences that enrich us, for making memories that stay with us and for imbibing influences form different cultures that embrace us. One such journey in the quest for another enriching experience is that … Continue reading Travel to Melaka – food and fun!