Relationships - where do they stem from

Relationships – Where do they stem from?

Relationships and life:  

Life is full of surprises – the good, the bad and the ugly. We never know what the day has in store for us. The only thing that binds us in times of distress or happiness is a ‘relationship’. No wonder everything that we see, think, act or do revolves around these relationships – the ones we have with our family, our special ones, our friends and most of all with ourselves! These relationships define us and help us understand who we are. Each relationship is different and the learning out of it is immense. Relationships involve so much of our time, investment, values, commitment and more that we sometimes seek to be a tad different than what we were. We make mistakes, we learn, we resolve and we move on. Some relationships stay with us for a short while, while some last a lifetime; either way they teach us some important lessons of life, the essence of which lingers on.

Relationships - where do they stem from

The connect:

We come across people from all walks of life- some change us for the better and some break us! Whatever be the case, emerging stronger and brighter is the motto! We give in our ‘all’ to these relationships. Sometimes they are worth it and sometimes they’re just not. But all said and done they are pivotal in shaping one’s personality and future. We hold the key to healthy relationships, we are the ones who design our future. Life may not always be a smooth sail, but it sure is about braving the storm. It’s all about the happiness, compromises, adjustments and fixtures involved to make or break the relationship.

“I am what I wasn’t then and I was not what I am now”!!! This speaks so much of how the past relationships mould us, while the way we used to be – ignorant of the past. Why are relationships so important? That’s because we give them that importance and place in our lives, without which a huge part of us would be in some void space, seeking fulfilment of some form, seeking love and satisfaction from all means – all this and more because relationships are connected with feelings. In fact, they are born out of feelings and feelings are the integral sources of our existence. Without feelings, nothing would go ahead. A relationship that we share with someone is a line of connection joining the two dots.

Relationships and connect

Relationships rule:

Human beings are designed to experience pain, fear, happiness and anxiety. These are all forms of feelings at the end of the day. These are feelings arising out of experiences in our relationship. If these feelings were to be extracted from us, we would cease to exist; we would be mere mortals doing things in a day-to-day zombie mode! There would be no pleasure, no confusion, no elation and no regrets. What a drab life that would be, devoid of emotions, devoid of relations…. like having a fake heart that makes us do little things such as holding each other’s hands, but without sentiments.

Relationships rule!!! They always have and always will! They are meant to be and they just have to be. They are what everybody needs; they are what keeps people alive. Feelings form our core and relationships stem from them. The two cannot be separated. Relationships define us and they help us sail. They show us good times and they take us through lows. What stays constant is feelings of any sort; feelings that change from one relationship to another and feelings that govern the way you lead your life and handle your relationships. Feelings form emotions, which in turn leads to relationships. These relationships help us connect with the world, each other and ourselves. Relationships rule and they’re here to stay!!!

Lyf&Spice asks:   

Do you think relationships are the only reason we are connected with one another? Do you think relationships stem from feelings? Let us know what you think…

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