About Lyf&Spice


Lyf&Spice – Travel & Food 

Lyf&Spice is all about celebrating the 2 main flavours of lifetravel and food.

Join the journey of a simple traveller and avid foodie. Lyf&Spice is a space where you will find simple, off-beat, fuss-free travel, with no frills attached, no make-up (well, almost) and no fancy outfits. In an attempt to keep it relatable and simple, I document my travel stories as they happen. Explore off-beat paths and try the local food with me as I embark on a new journey every now and then…

I am a dreamer, soul-searcher, adventure-seeker, foodie and travel freak! I believe in absorbing as much as there is around me to translate it into inked words, thus an editor and content writer by profession.

After years of travelling and eating, I started Lyf&Spice for documenting my expat stories and travel tales. Ignoring the tonnes of calories that I’ve been accumulating and the pages on my passport that have been running out, I continue exploring…

(From: India. Current country: Malaysia)

Why the name ‘Lyf’&Spice?

‘Coz ‘life’ by itself is such a twisted term. It looks different from every angle. Add some spice to it & you have a zesty life! Extract some flavours from it & a your life is a bland deal!  Lyf = a new angle to sprucing up life, might I add, with some flavor & spice! 😉

I welcome you to be a part of the Lyf&Spice family!

Let’s travel and eat together…. 


Aditi Shukla