About Lyf&Spice


Lyf&Spice – Travel & Food 


What is Lyf&Spice?

Lyf&Spice is all about celebrating the 2 main flavours of life – travel and food.

This is your space – a space where you will find simple, off-beat, fuss-free travel, with no frills attached, no make-up (well, almost) and no fancy outfits. In an attempt to keep it relatable and simple, we document our travel stories just the way they happen. Explore off-beat paths and try local food with us.

Psst… Don’t you think ‘Life’ by itself is such a twisted term; appears different from every angle. Add some spice to it & you have a zesty life! Extract some flavours from it & a your life is a bland deal!  This blog is all about exploring new angles to spruce up life with some flavor & spice! 😉


Who are We?

We are Aditi & Amit [err… might we AdMit ;)] who enjoy simple travel and love to eat. After years of travelling and eating, we started Lyf&Spice for documenting our domestic travel, international ventures, expat stint, and food tales. Ignoring the tonnes of calories that we’ve been accumulating and the pages on our passport that keep running out, we continue exploring…

We are dreamers, soul-searchers, adventure-seekers, foodies and believers of simplicity. Join our journey… Let’s go!

Need help with travel planning? We’re just an email away –> lyfandspice@gmail.com