Spill the Beans with Chefkraft

 In Conversation with ‘Mohit Mital’


Life gives you a sea of choices when it comes to food. With various innovations in the food industry and consumer-friendly food start-ups, convenience is the motto. Chefkraft is one such innovation in the food industry bringing recipe kits, gourmet food and exotic good-eats to its consumers. Presenting Mohit Mital, the man behind ‘Chefkraft’, Bangalore.

Let’s spill the beans:

L&S: Tell us a bit about yourself.

MM: I like to think of myself as a learner – have tried, and continue to try to learn everyday, and then, explore! 🙂


L&S: How and when did you start Chefkraft?

MM: Xerxes, Vishnu and I started Chefkraft in 2014, with the hope to start something we have all been passionate about – great ingredients that power flavourful, healthy and fresh food.


L&S: Why the name ‘Chefkraft’?

MM: It brings out the brand identity of Chefkraft. The name itself is suggestive of our approach and mission: To bring great, fresh food “Krafted” by expert chefs to your table and to help everyone “Kraft” great meals via our Recipe Kits.


MM at work – while on a kitchen tour

L&S: Chefkraft’s signature dish/style.

MM: Our signature style has always been around food that is nutritious, yet full of flavour. As we modify our menu every week, there is never a signature dish or cuisine that we follow. That said, my personal favourites are the Sushi, Thai salads and the Mexican fare.


L&S: What does Team Chefkraft look like?

MM: We have our dedicated team of chefs who work together to give you the Chefkraft experience. Leading this is co-founder and Le Cordien Bleu Chef Xerxes and Chef Surajit Khanna. My team and I make sure the experience stays with you.

This picture backdates to mid 2016


L&S: Your journey so far + challenges faced

MM: Our journey has been a huge learning experience. Through the course, we have understood what our customers want and we value the importance of having great ingredients (we source our Salmon from Norway). Bringing a good plate of food to our customers every day is no easy task, especially as it traverses the path from our kitchen to your table. Gladly, we have been successful in overcoming them and now are in a position to explore further.


L&S: In an era where innovative services related to the food industry are booming, how do you draw the crowd and survive?

MM: It’s very simple, we are completely focused on our core – Ingredients, Expertise and Flavour, which is bound together by what we would like to be known for – a superlative customer experience. We will have our bad days and sometimes customers may not like what we serve, but what is important to us is how we work with them to help us get better.

Healthy and fresh indeed

L&S: Your favourite quote.

MM: Good food, good mood 😉


L&S: Any piece of advice/tips for food entrepreneurs.

MM: Execution is key, passion is a requirement.


About Chefkraft:  

Chefkraft is all about gouormet food by expert chefs delivered at your doorstep. It incorporates ready-to-eat burgers, delicious salads and fresh ingredients packaged in goodness. Make exciting recipes with their recipe kits and be your own Master Chef. With exceptional packaging and convenient delivery options, cooking the meal of your choice was never easier.


What are you waiting for? Order your kit or ready to consume meal from their website and follow them here:





Lyf&Spice takes a kitchen tour:

By the end of the conversation, Mohit and team were kind enough to take us on a kitchen tour and explain the process of packaging. Let’s take  a sneak peek of the samples, salads, food in progress and the kitchen itself.



Just wrapped and rolled
A tempting pack of sushi
Nuts and fruits being split for a bowl of salad


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Lyf&Spice wishes team Chefkraft and Mohit all the best for their growing venture.

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