Food BoNANZZA at SPLITWOOD, Big Pitcher, Bangalore

Bonanzza – typo? No – Read on to find out… 😉 Big Pitcher on Airport Road, Bangalore is the new definition of pubbing. That’s what the tagline reads: Pubbing retold, six-fold! That’s true, as you have something different for everyone. Whether you want to chill at the brew pub, Club Kahuna, relax at the Star Lounge, roof-top, sip beer, enjoy some good food or gear … Continue reading Food BoNANZZA at SPLITWOOD, Big Pitcher, Bangalore

Arabian Cuisine at Karama Restaurant, Bangalore

1 restaurant – 3 cuisines!   About Karama Think soulful music, think Qahwah, think rich Arab food – that’s right, Karama unveils a new Arab menu with Karachi and Punjabi menus sharing the golden space, as Empire group celebrates its 50th anniversary! This home away from home has its decor in sync with the menu. Enter the Karama zone and you will know you are … Continue reading Arabian Cuisine at Karama Restaurant, Bangalore

New menu launch at Saffron-Hotel Park Plaza, Bangalore

Of North West Frontier cuisine and Indian flavours… Saffron – Hotel Park Plaza An exotic culinary experience! Chef Md. Ishitiyak and his team have crafted a new menu using Awadhi spices to artistically present an authentic North West Frontier cuisine, in an attempt to lure your palettes to try North-Indian flavours in the busy roads of the South.   When to go? It’s non-operational for … Continue reading New menu launch at Saffron-Hotel Park Plaza, Bangalore

Mount Carmel College Food Truck Fest

MCC – where it rains food, fashion and err… books? 😉  When it comes to all things fancy, Mount Carmel College can never go wrong. Being an ex-Carmelite, I couldn’t help but attend the much awaited Food Truck Fest at MCC! As a tribute to my college, staff and fellow foodies, here’s a quick bit on what to expect at the MCC Food Truck Fest. … Continue reading Mount Carmel College Food Truck Fest

Secret Garden Cafe

An escape to a hidden, aromatic garden…   Where do I find it? Where is Secret Garden Cafe? Well, the beauty lies in the mystery of its location. Nestled in the lush greens that adorn the corner of Edward Road, Bangalore, this sure is an eatery hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the busy town and its roads.   At the end of … Continue reading Secret Garden Cafe

Bangalore Eat Carnival

… ’twas all about FoOd!!!     Sunday is Fun Day… and there was yet another event to look forward to – Bangalore Eat Carnival, at The Jayamahal Palace Hotel on June 12th, 2016.     With a line up of food stalls and events like dance battles, photo booth, water balloons, trampolines and more, the Bangalore Eat Carnival had its lush green lawn designed to … Continue reading Bangalore Eat Carnival

World on a Plate ‘International Food Festival’, Bangalore

  What: India’s 1st international food carnival Where: JW Marriott, UB City – Bangalore How: To know ‘how’ the event was, read on…   Click here to read about what happened at the Press Conference!   The event that was… The Garden City of Bangalore was set ablaze on the first weekend of June, and why not? World on a Plate had people waiting to … Continue reading World on a Plate ‘International Food Festival’, Bangalore

Bangalore Food Truck + Music Festival 2016

                                       Where foodies went bonkers! Bangalore has never failed to amaze us… A place for food, art, music lovers alike! When you think of spending your weekend in a rather unusual way, instead of just mall ratting, you know there’s always a line up of events to … Continue reading Bangalore Food Truck + Music Festival 2016

Hyderabad Food Festival – at Fairfield by Marriott, Bangalore

                                      Culinary Riches from Hyderabad…   Meat, rice, herbs and spice – a food fest emphasizing on this could only mean one thing! Yes, we’re talking of the Hyderabadi Food Festival at Fairfield Marriott, Rajajinagar, Bangalore. To take their constant experiments with food a step ahead, the property … Continue reading Hyderabad Food Festival – at Fairfield by Marriott, Bangalore

Puratos cake-tasting and bakery event

                                  Puratos’ Customer Innovation Day   Puratos event: Puratos had their Customer Innovation Day in Bangalore on 10th May, 2016. Various speakers from the bakery industry were invited. The theme of the event was ‘The New Consumer Rules’. It showcased a variety of products and ingredients from Puratos that provide bakers … Continue reading Puratos cake-tasting and bakery event

Millers 46 Steakhouse & Saloon

I love Millers 46!  Heehaw! Follow me to the West, to two floors of cowboy hats and kegs! What’s that resto at the corner of Miller’s Road that the famous Loafer’s street (ask a Carmelite and they’ll tell you) leads you to? 😉 Well, it’s a steakhouse offering good food, great ambience and wild West vibes…yes, we are talking “Millers 46” on 46, Millers Road, … Continue reading Millers 46 Steakhouse & Saloon

Infinitea Tea Room & Tea Store

      I love Infinitea!  Infinite tea flowing, momos swirling and lots of snacks and desserts tingling your taste buds – this is what Infinitea at Cunningham Road, Bangalore is all about! I have cherished their momos for 8 years now. Woah! That’s a long time! Nothing stops me from ordering at Inifintea till date.       When to go? Absolutely anytime!! I … Continue reading Infinitea Tea Room & Tea Store

Matteo Coffea

  I love Matteo Coffea!   This busting cafe that marks the beginning of Church Street, at the junction of Brigade Road, Bangalore, is rather happening and is known for its coffees and beverages.     When to go? I would rather visit in the morning hours for breakfast or for an evening coffee. It could get really crowded by eve, especially from Fridays to … Continue reading Matteo Coffea

Nagarjuna – An Andhra delight!

      I love Nagarjuna! Ever had a gourmet experience so good, you drool each time you think of it? I have had one such experience at the first outlet of Nagarjuna, on Residency Road, Bangalore. People fond of spicy food, biryani and anything Andhra already love this place…   To watch a video review of the place, head to my channel –> High … Continue reading Nagarjuna – An Andhra delight!

Fat Buddha

    I love Fat Buddha! Looking for some delish pan-Asian cuisine in Bangalore? Head to this lovely restaurant nestled in a space of greenery and good vibes, at Vasant Nagar, Bangalore, en route to Cunningham Road.     When to go? If you are planning a luncheon, make sure you have a reservation or simply reach early, as it gets packed with office-goers from … Continue reading Fat Buddha