Winter Paragliding at Uttarakhand

Ever since I skydived at Dubai, the jumper in me was itching for more thrills. So, on this rather unplanned trip to Uttarakhand (India), I decided to paraglide my way through 2020. What a brilliant way of ending the year!
Wishing you all a fabulous New Year full of adventures! 🙂 Continue reading Winter Paragliding at Uttarakhand

Taming the Waters of Rishikesh

Of river rafting and kayaking   Turning dreams into reality… This time, exactly a year ago, we dreamt of a paradise full of beautiful things close to nature, a sky full of stars and the endless river alongside our camps. We woke up the next morning to preserve the bubble, blow some possibilities into it and geared up to fulfil those dreams. Our friends at … Continue reading Taming the Waters of Rishikesh