What’s my mood? Check my WhatsApp Status!

Of food, mood and more…     What’s your status? ‘Foodies meet today, eat till the end of the day’ – I remember setting this WhatsApp status a few months ago, followed by a trail of messages enquiring about the venue, details of the meet-up etc. This got me thinking that people do read your status across social media platforms and actually want to know … Continue reading What’s my mood? Check my WhatsApp Status!

Closing the loop…

  “And when I looked out of the window in anticipation of the rain, It reminded me of my past, oh I felt so much pain! The clouds have gathered, the sun surpassed, What would it be like if I ‘closed the loop’ of my haunting past?!”   No one can really ever close the loop! Sometimes seeking an explanation leads to further complications, while … Continue reading Closing the loop…

The party had just started picking tone.... I wanted to run away!

Looking for free advice – Talk to a married woman!

  The scene – Girl in early twenties meets Married Lady in mid-twenties: This grave incident took place when I was in my early twenties and seemingly young. I happened to accidentally bump into a peer at a party that hadn’t picked tone yet. She had then been married for a couple of years. The usual ‘hi’, ‘how are you’ and a few minutes into … Continue reading Looking for free advice – Talk to a married woman!

VC dominating...

Caught off guard – the ‘VC’ effect

R.I.P. Voice Calls!!! VC (Video-Calls) and compulsions:   The mobile era is dominated by the video calling feature, which is either present in voice chatting apps or about to be introduced soon enough. Oh how I hate video calls! My phone keeps ringing and pinging as it is. The last thing I want on earth is to attend to video calls and video chats all … Continue reading Caught off guard – the ‘VC’ effect

Friends helped us clear our exams ;)

My Girls – My Soulmates!

A passage dedicated to all my gal-friends who’ve made a huge difference in my life… My girls – my all! My girls are my all. As much as I miss being with them, I cherish and treasure the moments I have spent with them. The good old college days, the parties, the late night gossip over coffee, the stay-over at one another’s houses, burning the … Continue reading My Girls – My Soulmates!

Anyone with me?

Confessions of a Non-Alcoholic!

Dedicated to the non-alcoholic versions of human beings; the mocktail-lovers!!! Drowned in alcohol?   Are your relationships at stake because of alcohol? Are you finding it difficult to cope with your peers? Have you thought of ways to overcome your alcoholism? If not, you must get started right away. This passage has a twist to it. It focuses on those beings affected by the non-consumption … Continue reading Confessions of a Non-Alcoholic!

Relationship with food

Relationship with Food

What is food? “Food is any substance consumed to provide nutritional support to the body”. Really? Is that it? Food is the means of providing human beings a sense of fulfilment and pleasure, equipping them with the mental and physical energy required to keep going all day. It is a means of helping people achieve their fitness, nutritional and satiety goals at regular instalments during … Continue reading Relationship with Food

Relationships - where do they stem from

Relationships – Where do they stem from?

Relationships and life:   Life is full of surprises – the good, the bad and the ugly. We never know what the day has in store for us. The only thing that binds us in times of distress or happiness is a ‘relationship’. No wonder everything that we see, think, act or do revolves around these relationships – the ones we have with our family, … Continue reading Relationships – Where do they stem from?

Tring.. Tring.. Somebody get the phone please!

The big black box:   Triinngggg… triinnggg… goes the phone, but hey I’m talking about my land line. Remember that typical huge device with a heavy ear piece; the device that had numbers printed in blocks, most commonly seen in black? Those were the days of land line numbers with their STD codes through which we would connect with family and friends occasionally as opposed … Continue reading Tring.. Tring.. Somebody get the phone please!