Blogiversary edition: Lyf&Spice turns 1 !!!


Celebrating our year-long journey…


“Lyf&Spice turns 1, let’s eat & celebrate, & have some fun!” A big shout out to all my readers and followers, family and friends! Thanks for the love and support. Continue to subscribe to my blog 😉 and let’s share our mutual love for food ❤

Best food and foodie moments:

For a 30-second recap and rewind video –> click here

Food trails:

The love for food took us to over 12 cities in 12 months, some of which were:

Potato and basket chaat at Royal Cafe – Hazratganj, Lucknow
Chicken in coconut curry and rice – Kbal Spean,Siem Reap, Cambodia

Pasta, Roti Canai – Kota Bharu, Malaysia

Char Kwey Teow, White coffee (hot and cold) – Penang, Malaysia

Paan Biryani, Chicken Biryani – Bangalore, India

Burger and shake – Delhi, India

How we’ve grown:

From a blog that was rolled out to jot down random thoughts, travel tales, foodie moments, poems and everything else, to one that centered around food, it was a slow and bumpy, yet compelling journey! It wasn’t a cake-walk (not quite literally ;)), but was a chance to learn and grow. With a number of failed attempts, amateur experiments, delays and lapses, the site now has a better shape and form versus the time it just took off. Thanks to the immense support of family and readers!

One of my first posts was on Relationship with Food and I strongly believe we have formed an undying bond with food – it’s something that’s always on our mind, on our plate, in our body. Don’t our lives revolve around what, how, when and how much to eat, whether we are foodies or fitness freaks?! 😉

As we grow this space, L&S pledges to work harder and two-fold to spruce up the blog, with the promise of coming up with something new regularly.

Fave quote: “Dreams don’t work unless you do!”

Relationship with food
1st food pic posted by L&S

What’s new?

  • A lot of fun food stuff lined up! The following year will see Lyf&Spice rolling out something new, a topic at a time/ a theme at a time, with improvisations to the L&S club.
  • More announcements and updates the entire month… Stay tuned!
  • The space will be updated regularly. For now, tune in to Lyf&Spice every week, for all things FOOD!!!

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Let’s connect: 

Let’s expand our platform and connect on other forums as well. We are active on social media, constantly updating, sharing and food-telling. For stories and pictures, just click on the tabs below to be a part of the L&S club!

Facebook     Instagram     Twitter     Zomato     Snapchat->lyfandspice

Watch this space for more foodie moments, gourmet journeys and a lot of yumminess your way! 

Cheers from the Lyf&Spice club!!!

Let’s share our love for food!

11 thoughts on “Blogiversary edition: Lyf&Spice turns 1 !!!

  1. Congratulations on one year of blogging. I have no idea what my anniversary date is. Thanks for supporting my blog. Cheers Deb

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  2. We are very happy for the 1st Anniversary of Lyf&Spice.
    You have played your blog cards very well.
    We are short of words to express our feelings.
    Keep it up! up ! and UPPPPPPPP

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