8 Steps to a Good Hair Care Routine  

Simple points for healthy hair… 

Healthy hair. Healthy you.

Hair reflects your personality. The type of cut and style you flaunt talks a lot about you. But what does it really convey? You hair is a reflection of your inner health. Its condition, texture and health depends on how well you look after it. Just as a healthy seed gives a healthy crop, the time and care that you invest in your hair yields positive results in accordance.

It’s surprising how simple tips can make our hair healthy. I often get asked how do I style my hair. Honestly, I do not use any styling product or tool. I let my hair air dry. Those who do not have naturally straight hair, please don’t be afraid to go au naturel. Straight hair doesn’t necessarily imply good hair. I love curls. I use to hate straight hair till my college days and would curse myself for having them, until one day I decided to live with it and embraced myself for what I naturally was. So, it’s just in your mind (or in the head ;))

In the end, it’s just your confidence that matters. Be natural. Embrace yourself! Flaunt em locks… Let’s enjoy the diversity of hair texture and styles! Let’s cherish the variety around us. Let’s appreciate each other. You are all wonderful in your own way. Cheers beautiful women!!!

That being said, let us look at a good hair care routine to follow on a daily and weekly basis:

1.  Wash your hair right:

Merely washing your hair in a hurry will do no good. Squeeze a pea sized dollop of shampoo onto your palms or a small flat dish. Dilute it with water to break the particles and apply the softened paste to your hair. Work up a lather. Don’t leave out the scalp. In fact, the scalp is the area you ought to focus on. Massage your scalp, then work  along the length of your hair.

Take a small portion to dilute the shampoo

2. Use a conditioner:

Use a conditioner at least once to thrice a week, depending on the texture of your hair. For straight, smooth hair, once a week is sufficient. Break the particles following the steps above. Apply it primarily on the tips of your hair and outer ends of layers. The trick is to wash out all the conditioner without leaving any trace of it, or else it will appear greasy. The final rinse must be with cold water.

Use a conditioner of the same brand

3. Comb the right way:

This goes a long way in preventing damage to your hair. Use a comb before washing your hair. After washing, dab your hair dry and detangle with your fingers. Let it dry a little longer before you use a wide toothed comb.

4. Drying your hair:

We all know that blow dried look perfect and flawless. How about letting it air dry? Take a towel and dab your hair gently. Detangle and repeat. Let it air dry. If you are pressed for time in the mornings, wake up half an hour early. Your hair deserves that much. Use or carry pins and clips along with your brush, to set your hair just before you head out.

5. Go au naturel

Having poker straight hair, done up curly tresses and perfect hair all the time is not possible. Your hair deserves a break too! Ditch those styling products, creams and hot tools and wear your hair au naturel every once in a while. Sometimes, just be yourself!

Ditch the styling products

6. Avoid bed-time tangles

Comb your hair gently before heading to bed. If you have long hair, tie it up into a loose ponytail to prevent knots and tangles. Remember to dry your hair out before tucking yourself in. Sleeping on wet hair could make the strands fragile.

7. Keep your hair clean

Many of you follow a work-out routine. Others are involved in outdoorsy jobs or lead a very physically active life. These routines tend to make your scalp and hair sweaty. It is advisable to wash your hair in such cases, as you’d rather have clean hair rather than dirty, oily hair that could lead to itching and infections.

8. Amplify your routine

Oil your hair and massage the scalp at least twice a month. Provide your hair the nourishment it needs. If you have really coarse textured hair, a series of sittings at the hair spa could work wonders. The salon will analyze and suggest the best treatment for your hair. Do not deal with skin conditions or exceptional hair loss on your own. Seek medical advice. Additionally, eat a well balanced diet with good amounts of protein and drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Pick the one meant for your hair type!

The tips above may not produce dramatic results. With time and patience, you will notice a remarkable difference in the quality and health of your hair. Try them out and let us know how well they worked for you.

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**Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in the post are purely that of the author’s and are based on personal experience.**

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  1. very helpful article. good to to know the efficient haircare routine. I really appreciate the effort the author has put in.

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