10 Tips to Travel Light

Let’s travel hassle-free…

You have been waiting for that vacation for so long. You have been longing to take that break to relax and unwind by the beach. But, last minute stressors are such mood spoilers! Let us help you deal with one of them – baggage! Excess baggage can be quite a nightmare. Besides that, you must know how to deal with travel mistakes that we all commonly make. Here are some additional tips that might take the burden off your shoulders quite literally…




  1. Decide what you need:

Carry just the essentials. Think of the activities you are going to do during your vacation, the places you are going to visit and then outline the itinerary in your mind. That way you know exactly what you will need for that trip. Pack that, leave the rest behind. Don’t get too attached to things you are used to while at home. It is a vacation after all. Enjoy some change in life.

  1. Check baggage allowance:

In most cases, the airlines have a very strict cut off limit on the allowed baggage. Note the cabin baggage dimensions as well as the carry-on luggage’s rules and parameters and pack accordingly. It really helps in weighing the baggage in advance or having an estimate of the weight that you are going to carry, as pre-booking baggage online works out cheaper than booking it at the airport.

  1. Choose a light weight bag:

Buy a light weight travel bag or suitcase. This gives you more scope of packing an extra purse, accessories or shirts in a nearly weightless bag.


  1. Know your amenities:

While booking your hotel, check the in-house amenities that will be provided to you. Skip those items and pack the ones that are available at an extra cost. There is no harm in sending an email to the hotel, asking if they provide the specific items you can’t do without, in the room.

  1. Use organizers:

Organizers, multi-pocket pouches and multi-utility zippers are life savers. They not only help to compartmentalize your items, but save a lot of time searching for them. Stack the items in pouches as per utility and category – toiletries in one pouch, scarves, sunglasses and accessories in the other and so on. Keep it small. Empty out shampoo, conditioner, creams and medicines into smaller packets or pouches. You do not need a 200 ml shampoo bottle for a 2-day trip. Carry only as much as necessary.

  1. Pick clothes wisely:

Pack clothes that can be used more than once. Take jackets or shrugs with you, to layer your vests and shirts and give them a new look. Most importantly, carry light weight clothes so that you can pack some more.  😉

  1. Choose your footwear:

2-3 pairs of shoes are more than enough in a trip. Choose neutral colours and styles that match every outfit, and as the general rule goes, wear the heaviest and the biggest one. If you are confused on the type of footwear to pack, just pack a pair of flats, heels and boots or slippers depending on the type of travel.

  1. Roll and go:

Rolling your clothes rather than folding them saves a lot of space and the rolls can easily fit into unattended corners. Stack all the clothes first, followed by undergarments and smaller pieces like scarves, handkerchiefs and shrugs.

  1. Minimise your accessories:

As much as you would love to wear a different neck piece with every outfit, we know that it’s not possible. Pack 1-2 necklaces that go with every outfit. It’s ok to go bare neck sometimes. Carry any one hair styling tool. Think of the look you want to create and pack one accordingly.

  1. Divide and share

If you are travelling with a group of people, assign packages to each one of them. While you carry the hair dryer, your friend carries the straightener or curling tong and a third person carries general medicines.


Travel light, travel happy!

Hope the tips stated in the post help you pack and travel light. We have gone through a lot of travel-related stress and anxiety before sorting our lives, and will continue to share handy tips with you.  Do you have any additional tips to share? We’d love to hear.

Got any travel tips? Please let us know…

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26 thoughts on “10 Tips to Travel Light

  1. I’m traveling since 2015, and all that I have (in my life) I carry in my backpack. The advice about shoes is perfect. At the beginning, I was carrying 5 pairs! That was insane. Now I just have 2. One is on my foot and the other is in my back pack… Lol
    Greta tips. I really need to find some organizers…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Traveling light is the way to go. I love the tip about checking the hotel ammwnities because they saves you a lot of room. And organizers are key. I always try to pack just a carry on.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great advice! I’m also a big fan of the ol’ roll! I’ve also found that packing cubes help a lot:) I can squish so much in there, it’s unbelievable:) I like to pride myself on my packing skills…but once I’m at my destination I unpack, and it looks like a pig’s sty in no time:P Thanks for sharing, this was super useful:)

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  4. Really appreciate these tips. I am always worrying about my suitcase being too heavy (finally bought a luggage scale). I am always on the lookout for a really lightweight but tough suitcase.

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  5. Great post! Very helpful tips. I generally end up packing more stuff and sometimes even paying for excess baggage. I hardly ever use most of the things I pack as a back up. I’ll keep in mind these tips while packing for my next trip. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. So useful! Especially in the age of budget travel. I think with social media there is the added pressure to ensure you get the “perfect shot”. But in doing so, people fail to show the massive amount of luggage they hull around and the hundreds of photos they take. I greatly appreciate when people are authentic and light travel is authentic for most backpackers. Great tips!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I am terrible at packing, so I leave it up to Ian to do all the packing haha! We check the luggage allowance for all airlines including the connecting flights. Rolling the clothes is the best way to pack and the packing cubes are perfect. Very useful tips!

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  8. This is a very useful post !! My problem is not having my luggage being heavy on the way there but being too heavy on the way home because of all the stuff I buy haha. Thank you so the useful tips !

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  9. Good way of traveling light.
    Do you need this bag for Baggage or Carrying with self ?
    Hand bag or Purse with Passport, Tickets, Visa, Credit cards etc – These numbers to be given to some one at home.

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