Spill the Beans with Jus’Trufs

  In conversation with ‘Chenddyna Schae’  Life is a box of chocolates; sometimes dark and bitter, sometimes light and sweet! It is a sweet mystery that unfolds itself as the days pass. Today, we are at Jus’Trufs to unveil the interesting story behind the building that stands tall and wide, housing the best chocolates of Bangalore. Is that all, or is there more to it? … Continue reading Spill the Beans with Jus’Trufs

Matteo Coffea

  I love Matteo Coffea!   This busting cafe that marks the beginning of Church Street, at the junction of Brigade Road, Bangalore, is rather happening and is known for its coffees and beverages.     When to go? I would rather visit in the morning hours for breakfast or for an evening coffee. It could get really crowded by eve, especially from Fridays to … Continue reading Matteo Coffea