Luwak Coffee Tasting at Indonesia – Coffee or Poop?

Would you try a cuppa? Lyf&Spice went coffee-tasting. Yes, we had coffee, not poop! Coffee means different things to different people. For some, it’s their dose of morning freshness, for the others it’s a concoction of inspiration. For us, Kopi Luwak was an experience! What is it? We had always wanted to try Kopi Luwak. In simple terms, it is the coffee obtained from the poop … Continue reading Luwak Coffee Tasting at Indonesia – Coffee or Poop?

White Coffee

Calling all coffee addicts!!! The aromatic beverage: This unique beverage of Malaysia is a very popular coffee in most cities, though it seems to have originated at Ipoh. This rather smooth and frothy drink is available in both forms – hot and cold, keeping all you coffee addicts’ coffee urges and cravings in mind. This native Malaysian drink is an awesome way to kick-start the … Continue reading White Coffee