A Cafe in Malaysia That Every Harry Potter Fan Should Know About!

Of wizardry and aromatic spells… 


Hoot Hoot!! There’s a new Harry Potter book cafe in town. Yes, you heard that right. Potter heads, here’s your chance to dance and prance in the robe and muffler of your favourite magical star.

Expecto Patronum…

Get your nerd mode on and read books all evening or simply hire them for as long as you like. There are books for kiddies too. Get them busy reading while you catch up on some serious conversation with friends over unique coffee blends.

When it’s all about the theme

The launch:

The cafe was launched today, 21-Oct, 2017, with a lot of families dropping in to test the new flavour in town. Here’s a sneak peek into the launch party.

The lady of the hour
Posing with Queen Bee
Having a crazy moment
Let’s party
and dine…

What’s on the menu? 

You have a range of coffee, non-caffeine beverages, soda drinks and blends to choose from. Pick from pasta, salad, pie, bun or croissant and a variety of pastries, cakes and chocolate-somethings for your sweet tooth indulgence.



Oh, did we tell you that they serve sweet potato coffee… Well, who would have heard of that, right? So bask in the aromatic brews and indulge in your favourite food, as you forget about your calories for a day.



Where does the magic take place? 

At Kubang Kerian, in the same line as D’Klasik White Coffee, close to Mydin Mall.

Timings: 10 A.M. – 10 P.M. daily

Did you watch us on Instagram Live?
Live broadcast

So whether you’re pureblood or muggle (or whatever you call it), let the sorting hat decide whose team you’re in, and you’re all set to sip a brew over some POTTERy 😉

For more details, head to their Instagram and Facebook page.

** Image courtesy: Zahira Hanafi and Self 

Check it out for yourselves. Let the wizardry get the best of you.

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Read – Eat – Enjoy

19 thoughts on “A Cafe in Malaysia That Every Harry Potter Fan Should Know About!

  1. Can’t believe you have a Harry Potter cafe… My jealousy is through the roof!:P Also, I would like to try sweet potato coffee but at the same time I’m a bit weirded out… What does it taste like?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Woooooah that’s friggin awesome. With these themed cafe’s in China I don’t understand why they haven’t done a Harry Potter one! I can’t believe they had the costumes there for you to wear and wands😱🙌👌

    That sweet potato coffee sounds delicious, perfect for autumn. Why can’t I teleport there now?

    Liked by 1 person

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