White Coffee

Calling all coffee addicts!!!

A delight for coffee-lovers!
A delight for coffee-lovers!

The aromatic beverage:

This unique beverage of Malaysia is a very popular coffee in most cities, though it seems to have originated at Ipoh. This rather smooth and frothy drink is available in both forms – hot and cold, keeping all you coffee addicts’ coffee urges and cravings in mind. This native Malaysian drink is an awesome way to kick-start the day!

Why ‘white’ coffee?

The difference lies in the roasting of coffee beans.

Black coffee beans: Roasted in a mix of sugar, margarine and wheat at high temperatures on charcoal.

White coffee beans: Roasted in margarine alone at relatively lower temperatures, for longer time spans (about 2.5 times the time taken to roast black coffee). The fact that sugar or caramel is not added during roasting makes it a little lighter in colour compared to regular black coffee.

The result: Lighter coffee with its natural aroma retained.


Hot or cold?
Hot or cold?

Some like it hot.. some like it cold…


  • Pre-mixed white coffee sachet
  • Sugar (optional)
  • Milk   (optional)
  • Hot water – for hot coffee
  • Ice cubes  – for a cold blend


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Penang special – “George Town White Coffee”

While white coffee is available at a number of cafes at Penang, a special mention of George Town White Coffee has to be made. The pictures shared in this post are from this marvellous cafe at Komtar Walk. A quick chat with the chef gave me an insight into the coffee powder used to make white coffee. Cafes don’t rely on coffee beans anymore. Instead, they buy a pre-mixed powder of crushed white coffee beans, sugar and powdered cream. This mix has a brownish white tint to it.

George Town White Coffee
George Town White Coffee


Manufacturers these days have started mixing coffee powders with creamers, sugar and whiteners to label them as white coffee. These mixtures are good for day-to-day use in your household or offices.


Lyf&Spice recommends:

Make sure you order from their breakfast selection. The items on the menu go really well with their white coffee.

<The term ‘white coffee’ in this blog post refers to the White Coffee of Malaysia>

5 thoughts on “White Coffee

  1. I am not a coffee drinker but I love the smell and the taste of coffee. I didn’t even know they have white coffee… how funny! Maybe this one won’t keep me awake.


  2. I’m not much of a coffee drinker and would always put a creamer if I ever have one. The white coffee looks light though – is it strong as a black coffee? Or lighter in taste?

    I once took a sip of a coffee which made my heart palpitate right afterwards. Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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