3 Incidences that Confirm ‘Not all Travel Needs to be Planned’

Of impulsive plans and random stories… 

Just go…

Hello peeps!

Handing over the writing baton to Amit (the silent half of Lyf&Spice) for sharing his random thoughts on travelling casually and enjoying impulsive trips. You must have read his piece on 8 Tips to Travel Smart.

Over to him…

There are really no travel tips for catching up with friends. If they understand you, you can make random plans and they will always work well. If they go bad, they will turn into the craziest and best memories ever.

Well, if you are someone who follows an extensive itinerary and sticks tight to your plans, don’t bother reading it as I’m quite sure it won’t be worth your time. I have been travelling and planning my travels well for quite a few years. I am not saying I would be giving out the best thoughts, but some can be worth a shot.


1. Just book your tickets:

If you are travelling with a group of friends, what I realized is that none of them are free at the same time and that becomes quite a plan. It requires a constant push, meeting them a few times and chatting up. Just make a quick group on WhatsApp to do all the planning. Well, one sure way of overcoming these planning activities is to just go ahead and book the tickets and the place where you want to go stay. Finance-wise it might be a bit on the steeper side, but hey, you are getting to spend quality time with your friends, so don’t think twice. I have done that earlier – got on the laptop, booked tickets and mailed my friends. They couldn’t say ‘no’ to that. Hah!

2. Go on a cumulative car-load:

Something even better which we tried and were successful in managing was: calling my ex-roommate and asking what was he up to. Since he didn’t have anything planned for the night, he drove down to my place, picked me up (rather dumped me in the car) and drove to another friends place. This way we managed to pick up a few more friends, and guess what?  Such impromptu plans always work and they are the ones friends yearn for. We finally drove to Jaipur (from New Delhi) to catch up with our buddy and made him pay for the massive breakfast, got him back to Delhi with us for 6 hours 😉 and set him free…

3. Don’t pack, just go:

Another drive which is close to my heart was also an unplanned one. My friends told me that if I don’t come with them they might go for the hit and run style (trust me, they were serious as I had ditched them twice earlier). Imagine vanishing from the world for 10 days and going into a mountainous terrain with no jackets – it snowed and I cursed them, kicked them and made stronger bonds.

An oath to Enjoy my travels, Not plan them

These random thoughts are just to reaffirm my belief that not all travel can be planned and the spirit to travel with close ones must win over your PLANNING once in a while.

Indicator, PK & RSB – waiting for the next trip
Palta for the Stella, Deba for the company, Sharma for the expensive breakfast, Das (still contemplating if you were around)
Nishu for scaring me into the trip, Negi for stocking my fuel

Happy travels! Cheers – Amit

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16 thoughts on “3 Incidences that Confirm ‘Not all Travel Needs to be Planned’

  1. These tips makes me think of my silent half as well , who also believe in “dont pack just go” ,lol , I think travel is a lot about just going than only planning . It was fun to read this post especially when I also just returned from jaipur.

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  2. Hahahaha! I enjoyed reading this posts and hearing some thoughts from Amit! He had loads of fun. Over the years I’ve grown to not plan things and go with the flow, especially when traveling with friends. I feel like when it’s a small group or your significant other, you can plan a little bit. The main thing is not feeling bummed when you plans don’t go right!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hehe… This person is the adventurous half of Lyf&Spice and has made me learn to be carefree while travelling 😉 I like the spirit of your buddy and you – go go – travel in impulse!!


  4. Wow this is the coolest person I’ve known. I love that ethusiasm of get being free and not thinking about what will happend next. Honestly me and my buddy are sometimes like this, just getting and hopping on a ride and see what city we can visit.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Yeah.. 3 times and counting. I have tried this too and have become more casual and relaxed in my approach, thanks to Amit 😉 (that’s the only good thing I’ve learnt from him… Lol)

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  6. Yep sometimes the best experiences are from those unplanned ones. When I travel with my husband, we don’t usually have an itinerary. With our kids, we do. But even with an itinerary we are quick to embrace changes and spontaneity. 🙂
    – Amor

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  7. Great to hear from Amit:D Spontaneous travels are a lot of fun! But I think I would get anxiety because I need to have things planned out beforehand haha! Sounds like you had loads of fun these 3 times though:D

    Liked by 1 person

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