8 Tips to Travel Smart  

    Simple tricks to help you travel…  


Before we begin the post, I would like to finally introduce my travel buddy aka Amit, who will pen down some useful tips and travel tales on and off at Lyf&Spice. 🙂 Over to him…

I live to travel

PLANNING is something which bothers me, but guess it is essential. I spend more time taking the main aspects of travel into consideration rather than dreaming of a destination. After all, the more I save, the more I travel; the better I work around the tricks, the smarter I travel… Sharing my thoughts and hoping you would go through it and try some of them. Well, these might not be the perfect solution for you, but they work for me, and pretty damn well.

1. Look for the tickets, not the destination: Searching for a destination to head to? Whoops, that’s where you go wrong. Instead, try looking for the flights to the top 3 places you want to go and see which ones fall within your budget and choose the destination accordingly.

2. Fix your stay: The next step would be to start screening various apps and sites to look for accommodation. I personally try and look at a place which is going to save on transportation costs (walking distance to some attractions), gives me good strong WiFi (who can live without it nowadays?) and breakfast for sure, as you need the morning kick.

3. Communicate with the hotel: Sometimes, writing directly to the hotel also gets you a great deal as they tend to pay commissions to third party websites. Check if you are eligible for corporate offers, government discounts etc.

4. No excess baggage: Pack your gear based on essentials and what is needed. If you have excess baggage, book it online in advance to save money rather than paying at the airport counter. Don’t over-stuff your bags as overweight baggage not only harms your wallet, but physically too it is quite a drag. Remember, sometimes it cheaper to buy a t-shirt in the country you are visiting and leaving it behind – have done that a few times.

Simple and minimal

5. Entry requirements: Make sure the paperwork for entry to the required country is in place. You wouldn’t want a ‘oops’ moment, would you? Have your legalities, passport, visa and vaccinations in place. Check these before booking your tickets.

6. Depend on taxi apps: Ensure you have the necessary ride-hailing apps downloaded, like Uber or whatever works for you. They are more economical than the rest. Check the best ones in the city/country. For example Grab offers better deals than Uber in some South East Asian countries.

7. Get ready to walk around: Put your walking shoes on. Be prepared to walk around. It helps you achieve your fitness goals, see the city better, interact with people and enjoy the scenery around you. The world seems different when you explore on foot.

8. Find your fit: The mantra I follow is “I don’t care which airlines/hotel  I book as long it fits my bill and timings”. Find your fit too and work around it.

To My Fellow Cheerful Travellers – I hope these 500 words help you travel better and smarter. 

                                                                                                                                      Cheers – Amit

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29 thoughts on “8 Tips to Travel Smart  

  1. The first bit is an interesting perspective. I tried this for the first time a few years back and realized how well it worked. Since then I try to do exactly that. Nice set of tips. Cheers

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  2. Cool tips! I never travel with an excessive baggage – I can manage with one small backpack for a 2 week trip. I also search for the deals before I travel, last time I found flights from Europe to Panama for 340 EUR return! So I chose to go to Panama and I didn’t regret it 🙂

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  3. Great tips! Yes, I’ve traveled to some places just coz the flight ticket was cheap! More than the destination, just the interest to explore is more prevalent!
    Yeah, I’ve left a few jeans and bought a couple in Primark which worked out much cheaper than paying for excess baggage in International flight!

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  4. Wonderful tips! I also choose my hotels in the touristy areas to save on transportation. This could be quite a lot for 2 persons.

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  5. You have mentioned one of the things that’s key for us when planning our trips, look for price, not for destination. We work from the budget and from there choose our destination, not the other way round. This way you also get to discover places you didn’t even imagine were going to be so rewarding… and the places you long for but are out of your budget will, eventually, have a better match to your budget in the future.

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  6. I ADMIT that travel trips were well penned, it shows your way and that is going to be helpful to others as well, 3 cheers for both.

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