Chandni Chowk, Delhi: A Foodie’s Delight

Travel&Spice: S01E04
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Hola foodies/travellers! Presenting Episode-04 of Travel&Spice for your dose of spicy travel, where travellers share interesting stories about their favourite meal, restaurant or food encounters.

Based in India, Ambica Gulati has been a travel writer for a decade now. As a journalist with two decades of experience, she has worked with in-flight and travel magazines in senior positions and now has a blog – A Traveller’s Wish List.

Over to Ambica…

With different cultures and an enormous variety of cuisines, India can leave you a little baffled. Even the locals are spoiled for there is a vendor at every corner.

But then you learn to find the more famous street vendors or shops. And most of them happen to be in the old parts of any city. So, one day we went off on a food walk to Chandni Chowk in Delhi with Delhipedia to dig into some famous chaats and more.

We began with Natraj ka Bhalla. Climbing up to the place to sit and eat is a task here. This shop opened in 1940 and serves just dahi bhalla and aloo tikki. But then the size of the bhalla (which is made of lentils) is quite a bit. It was the softest one I had eaten till date (approx.. INR 100 for two people).

tiff infomation
Natraj dahi bhalla

If you cross the road, you will see a board which says ‘Old Famous Jalebi Wala’. This is another treat for the size that is unbeatable (approx.. INR 100 for two people). It’s huge, topped with rabri and you will need a lot of time here. My suggestion to everyone is to bring it home! There is no seating here, so one has to stand and the crowd can get a bit overwhelming.

tiff infomation
Old Famous Jalebiwala serves jalebi with rabri on top

These are not the only treats in Chandni Chowk. There is Amritsar Lassiwala, Kachoriwala in Kinari Bazaar, Moong Dal ka Halwa near Nai Sarak and the numerous naan khatai sellers in the area.

If you want to chill out with some easy drink—try the masala bunta near the Town Hall. The masala and lime can help to refresh the senses. And if you want more, just walk around and take a bite of the chillas on the streets, the kulfis and the chole bhature. Need I go on to tell you this place has everything—food, crowd, drinks and more!

old delhi 2
The old town vibe – Old Delhi streets

Wear a drool-guard, guys. Thanks to A Traveller’s Wish List, you now know where to head to for a lip-smacking Indian food tour in Delhi.

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  1. I need some Indian food in my life right now. Please, can you teleport me to Delhi? You guys are driving my stomach nuts with all these India food posts!😍😋

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