5 Unexplored Spots of Street Art in Kota Bharu: A complete guide!

A pictorial tour of the Malaysian murals…  

This post is yet another tribute to street art. An earlier post of ours talked about the street art at the cultural hub where the entire street was submerged in a flurry of colours. In an attempt to quench our undying thirst for art in the city, we didn’t stop exploring. We ventured into every nook and corner of the city, traversed far and wide to compile a comprehensive guide. Have you explored these spots yet?

An installation by the riverside

The walls are no longer bare for the world’s our canvas. Fellow travellers and residents of Kota Bharu, keep your eyes peeled for vibrant walls and gorgeous murals across the city.

1. Riverside:

The area around the Kelantan River is well developed and comes to life by night. However, if you explore it during the day, you get to spot these pieces of art and installations within a 0.5 kilometre-radius.

Music, rickshaw and a state of rest
The famous dragon dancers and kite makers
Bharatnatyam dancer and Shadow play
Graffiti by the river

2. Kuala Besut:

The walls of Kuala Besut Jetty Point are centred around water adventure. You will find depictions of scuba diving, mermaids, marine life, endangered aquatic animals and more. There are random illustrations and abstract art as well.

Let’s unfurl the art forms…
The scuba family
From a diver’s eyes…
Save Me – I’m cute 🙂
Check out the detailing…
What do you see? 2 boys, random fragments, a whale or something else?
Painted doors and spluttered walls
We are the champs!
Mermaid fantasy
I love snorkelling
Of geeks and yellows…
Fly away…
Where are your wings?

3. What’s cooking?

This stretch of art is found between Billion Shopping Centre and a (closed) seafood restaurant at Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra.

See-food or Sea-food?
Cooking up a storm
An eye for an eye? 😉

3. Traditional art

Traditional art and local forms have been depicted along the streets of Pasar Kubang Pasu, Bandar Raya Islam.

What all can you spot? Dragon dancer, traditional boat, wau or moon kite, puppets and …?

Image courtesy: Tourism Malaysia Kelantan – check out their page for more information.

4. University and books

You can spot these pieces of art around the petrol bunk near KB Mall and the Technology University closeby.

Weehee… I’m a graduate!
Music on my mind…
Top spinning.. or am I spinning?
Wau bulan or moon kite flyers

5. Vrooom… 

Do we really need to describe what you see? Spot this piece at Jalan Telipot near Mulqeen Enterprise.

Let’s burn some rubber…

Aren’t these vibrant pieces a work of wonder? Go hunting for them and click away. If you know of any additional pieces around the city, leave the location in the comments below.

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12 thoughts on “5 Unexplored Spots of Street Art in Kota Bharu: A complete guide!

  1. I love all types of art both traditional and modern and seeing street is just amazing, the photos you have shared are just beautiful – loving all the bright vibrant colours.. Amazing post.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Woah! those murals are exeptional! Kota Bharu is indeed a city that must to visit for those Art fanatic (including me) my favorite one or two I mean three are Bharatnatyam dancer and Shadow play, Music on my mind, and Splash!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love your street art pieces! Cool way to discover a place is by checking out the street art:) I think the place where I found the street art most impressive was Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It’s so cool how this has evolved from the crappy graffitis that used to cover walls everywhere:)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow, had NO idea that KB had so much street art – it’s always Penang that gets all the spotlight. I’ve never been to KB before but this merits a visit. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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