What’s my mood? Check my WhatsApp Status!

Of food, mood and more…


What’s my mood???


What’s your status?

‘Foodies meet today, eat till the end of the day’ – I remember setting this WhatsApp status a few months ago, followed by a trail of messages enquiring about the venue, details of the meet-up etc. This got me thinking that people do read your status across social media platforms and actually want to know what’s happening in your life. Our lives revolve around technology. It seems to be gripping us tighter by the day. Is it healthy to stay connected virtually or should we rather meet them in person? Well, thanks to social apps and sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and the likes, we are connected with friends and family to say the least. We know what is happening in the lives of people we care for and most importantly, we know when and how to reach out to them. In so many instances, thanks to your status, you end up converting the e-chat to an actual chat over coffee!

WhatsApp – our Lifeline!


The message:

What does your status really do? Let’s look at the bright side. The status you set is a reflection of your thoughts and feelings. It is a means of conveying what is happening with you and letting out what’s on your mind. While some of you might find changing statuses addictive, others might run out of ideas to set one. Just like there is an app or site for everything in today’s world, so are there sites like Whats Status for setting the best WhatsApp status, getting ideas and choosing from the immense categories available depending on your mood and preference. A little help could do no harm, right? Crippled by the crutches of apps and websites, it is a necessary evil you cannot live without. There is no harm in trying and testing options till you know what works for you. Whats Status has lots of categories to choose from ranging from food, emotional updates and love to friendship, crazy statuses and jokes. The USP lies in the fact that lots of new statuses are updated daily and each one of them is unique and new.  Check out their website if you are interested in being a contributor with them or simply log in to set the best WhatsApp status.

Reflections, moods, statuses – all captured!

Being an ardent foodie and blogger, I like to update various social media handles, but I cannot have the creative juices flowing at all times. That is exactly when I turn over to sites like these to help me set a simple, yet meaningful status across platforms, whether it be related to my current mood, a status in the form of an update or simply a personal thought on WhatsApp that I would like to share. It has been a tough day, but I can pretend to be happy; I have just lost my job, I want to show people how upset I am – whatever be the case, you have a status for everything. Your status shows what you feel, what you’re going through; but does it really show who you are? Or are you really good at faking your status… That’s something to ponder over!


Think – comment – share!

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