Millers 46 Steakhouse & Saloon

Welcome to the Wild West!

I love Millers 46! 

Heehaw! Follow me to the West, to two floors of cowboy hats and kegs! What’s that resto at the corner of Miller’s Road that the famous Loafer’s street (ask a Carmelite and they’ll tell you) leads you to? 😉 Well, it’s a steakhouse offering good food, great ambience and wild West vibes…yes, we are talking “Millers 46” on 46, Millers Road, Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore.

Love their menu card
Cowboy vibes!!!
Bread, bread sticks (ate ’em ;)), dip, fresh lime soda

When to go? 

I’d prefer going for lunch or dinner to devour an entire steak down to the bone.

How’s the food?

Just the way you would expect it to be – yummy! Well cooked meat, soft cuts and great accompaniments. I’m not very fond of their beef steaks as they have turned out to be a little chewy in the past. However, chicken steaks have never disappointed me.

Check the sizzler yourself —> click here Chicken sizzler!


Jamaican chicken sizzler
Pork ribs

What’s on the menu?

Soups, salads, sandwiches, burgers, baked potatoes, rice items, seafood dishes and needless to say steaks and sizzlers and more… la la la!


Knock knock!

Must try: Big Boy steaks, Jamaican chicken steak with pepper sauce, fresh lime soda (sweet and sour), pastas in wine sauce.

Cost: INR 600-800 per person for a good sizzler and soft drink.

Decor: Wooden, theme-based, with cowboy structures, miniatures, horses, water wheels etc.

Psst… Reserve your tables in advance and let them know of any food allergies.

Seating: Indoor across 2 levels, with a western style bar

Location: You might just drive past it unless you put your head up to look at it.

Overall rating: 4.5 /5

Parking: On the adjacent lane or road opposite to it.

HoPe u had an aWeSoMe meal!

That’s all folks!!

Read… Drool… Eat!

Millers Forty Six Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Disclaimerrrr – My blog, thus ‘my’ views! 😉

2 thoughts on “Millers 46 Steakhouse & Saloon

  1. Looks a nice joint to have grub in.But what is the headless horseman doing in a cowboy place?Any country music playing there?


  2. It is sizzling after reading your comments, i am booking it just now for tonight with my family ———– Can’t wait any longer.
    Keep it up nice way of writing.


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