Puratos cake-tasting and bakery event

                                  Puratos’ Customer Innovation Day


Puratos event:

Puratos had their Customer Innovation Day in Bangalore on 10th May, 2016. Various speakers from the bakery industry were invited. The theme of the event was ‘The New Consumer Rules’. It showcased a variety of products and ingredients from Puratos that provide bakers and consumers at large – convenience, freshness, health and taste.


Cake-tasting session and display

When cameras, cake and bakery enthusiasts meet, the display has to look like this…

Masala Chai Cake (left) – perfect for the Indian taste buds!

 Orange chocolate cake, Chocolate chilli tarts, Chocolate cake

Crunchy chocolate hearts, Multi-layer cake, Puff wheels

Burger exotica, Basil pesto O-tentic roll, Veg masala wrap

Orange Velvet Cake (centre) – a Puratos innovation!
An appetizing and awesome-looking cake by Chef Philippe Richard


  • Brilliant showcase of Puratos‘ products, cakes and breads
  • Kiran Hazari-Vice President & Customer Service Associate, opened the session by outlining the agenda, discussing the vision and mission of the brand, while addressing key issues that concern every baker in the industry.
  • Samhita Barman-Manager, Marketing & Customer Service Associate, gave a presentation on TasteTomorrow, emphasizing on the survey, results and scope of innovation in the baked goods industry.
  • Chef Nabhojit Ghosh from FreshMenu was the external speaker who spoke on the youth’s eating pattern, his journey through FreshMenu and the food trends the industry foresees.


Chef Martin Fernandes – Bakery:

Chef Martin explained the bakery products and ingredients in detail and discussed recipes with a live demo on how to use the sour dough made out of O-Tentic Durum for the following:

  • Tomato olive garlic rolls
  • Basil oregano rolls
  • Fresh rosemary and crushed pepper rolls
Chef Martin Fernandes demonstrating fancy cuts and slits to the dough
Sour dough rolled into various shapes, with different toppings by Chef Martin Fernandes

Chef Philippe Richard – Patisserie & Chocolate:

Chef Philippe discussed cake recipes and decoration styles including brillo glaze, vivafil for cakes and carat chocolate decorations in the following:

  • Egg-free sponge cake
  • Satin crème cake
  • Carat chocolate mousse cake


Chef Philippe Richard demonstrating cake recipes using Puratos cake mixes
Brilliant showcase & presentation after cake-demos by Chef Philippe Richard

About Puratos:

The Puratos Group is an international group that specializes in patisserie, chocolates and bakery ingredients. Present in 100 countries and headquartered in Belgium, the group has an extensive range of products that cater to the ever-changing market and consumer needs. It has a special presence in Asia and has been catering to Indian customers through its eggless mixes, berry-based fillings and more.

Taste Tomorrow is an initiative that Puratos came up with. It offers an insight into a local and global consumer’s behaviour + trends related to baked goods. They interviewed 11,000 customers across 25 countries to check out the taste, choices, attitudes and perceptions w.r.t. bakery products. The findings focused on 3 criteria: taste, health and freshness.




The range of Puratos’ products is extensive. Click here to check out the entire range of products, details and recipes.


Interesting picks…

Brillo: Glaze for cakes – This brilliant product is ready-to use and increases the shelf life of products like cream and mousse cakes. Its cold application does not melt the product and it imparts an amazing gloss on the top.


Deli Cheesecake: The 1st ready-to-use cheesecake in India – This innovative product contains 30% cheese and is easy to use. All that you have to do is: make a biscuit base – pour the mix on the base – bake – serve!

Vivafil: Unique fillings made with fruit puree – These fillings are available in mango, kiwi and strawberry flavours and contain more than 20% fruit.

O-tentic durum: A traditional sour dough made of durum;  bread improver with modern applications – This dough base, especially made for the Asian consumer base, to provide a crunchy outer crust and inner soft bread, gives you options to bake loaf bread, pizza, rolls, bagels, baguette etc.


Carat compound chocolate: Voted as India’s best tasting compound – Carat is available as hard chocolate or fillings, and has multi-purpose applications for decorating, flavouring, moulding or melting into cakes, donuts, cookies and everything you could possibly think of.

Satin cake mixes: Where classic meets curious – Satisfy your sweet cravings with these versatile mixes. Use them in cakes, muffins or savouries and experiment with their style, aroma, texture by adding butter, cream, fruits or carat compound.

Bread mixes: Where health meets taste – Puratos’ bread mixes are one of the best things to have happened to a generation inclined to eating bread. The range includes easy curry masala, easy facaccia, easy savoury snack, easy herbs and spices bread mix and Puravita range of brown-hi fibre, whole wheat and multigrain.

Whole wheat bread, Brown bread, Curry masala fougasse

The event was a well-organized, neat and informative one with a lot of discussions and insights into the baked goods products and industry. The line up of cakes, breads, flours, patisserie and raw materials was structured and the finished products made out of Puratos raw material were toothsome.


Disclaimer: The views expressed in the blog are my own and based on my experience of the event… Happy reading!

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  1. Never seen or read something like this before. Best of luck to Puratos, they are doing nice way of demo. Your foody PEN has made things much more mouthwatering. Keep it up ADITI !

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