Food BoNANZZA at SPLITWOOD, Big Pitcher, Bangalore

Bonanzza – typo?

No – Read on to find out… 😉


Big Pitcher on Airport Road, Bangalore is the new definition of pubbing. That’s what the tagline reads: Pubbing retold, six-fold! That’s true, as you have something different for everyone. Whether you want to chill at the brew pub, Club Kahuna, relax at the Star Lounge, roof-top, sip beer, enjoy some good food or gear up for gigs and events, each floor has a story (or should I say storey) to unfold.



Splitwood’s new menu

Let’s focus on the new menu of Splitwood that offers a twist to keep both halves of your tingling tongues happy. This is where East meets West: East on Food, West on Mood! Good theme and vibe, separate smoking and non-smoking sections, and an option to sit on high chairs or dine at the fine-dining section over a trolley buffet, this woody-wood resto offers a lot in terms of taste, options and a relaxed atmosphere! Hop in for a trip through the cuisine-blend.

Trolley buffet

First Bite Chomps:

True to its name, you’d go chomp chomp till the toothpick digs in to your gums. Stop with an ouch, to discover that the chicken so crunchy, so good teamed with habanera sauce is the perfect skew to start your meal. To avoid going dry-mouthed, sip beer, for that’s what Splitwood is all about!

Prawn till Yawn:

This curvy seafood platter proved to be the showstopper! A noodle-wrapped prawn served with soya sauce, spicy of course, entangled in my teeth as I took the first bite and out came (not my tooth) a spring of noodle, as I gobbled through the second bite – hilarious and yummilicious!

Fish in Splitwood Waters:

No, it’s not a fish split into half – it’s got to go with the name of the restaurant right?! 😉 A dish made of flat fish, coupled with spices, chillies, shallot and garlic. Not one of the best dishes of the menu, but good attempt!


Santa’s Chimney:

Is it December yet? Nope! It refers to tender pieces of chicken tossed in home-made tomato sauce. Spicy? Yes. Succulent? Yes. A rather chocolaty-looking soy sauce smeared around it, with a pile of greens on its head is certainly a bite with the goodness of meat, sauce and veggies, all in one.


Viva Indiano: 

Since Big Pitcher has something for everyone, so does the menu of Splitwood have something ‘special’ for the herbivores. As twisted as the name sounds, these are merely crispy paneer fingers made with Mexican spices, and  were by far one of the best paneer fingers I have had in a while, mainly ‘coz I could eat it – it was non-spicy!



Mexicano Vegetable Penne:

Regular penne tossed with the usual pepper, onion, jalapeno, onions et al, topped with Mexican sauce, basil and Parmesan cheese. Nothing exceptional, but if you are looking for a light pasta kinda meal, this should do the trick.


Yasai Tempura Moriawase:

Self explanatory?! 😉 OK, here goes – Let’s split the words at Splitwood (pun intended):

Yasai: Vegetables, generally stir-fried, in Japanese. Tempura: Fish or vegetables in batter, Japanese again. Moriawase: some say it refers to an assorted platter or the chef’s selection. Open to suggestions.

What was the dish? -> Lightly battered, deep fried, seasonal vegetables


Kanchin Baby Corn:

The sweet corn dish was crisp, sauce-laden, topped with spinach. Would have loved to experience something different here, it was as regular as baby corn gets.


Presenting the Nanzza (refer Title now ;))

Nanzza = Nan+Pizza –> thin crust pizza-like naan base, with chicken chunks and onions.

Impressive!!!! Tastes like Italiano spices on an Indian naan, exactly the way you would expect it to be.




Beer: For the beer bellies and corporate slaves, a pint of chilled beer is what will make your day! Stop by to try the following options. In this case, pictures speak louder than words.



Mocktails: Not the best mocktails I have had, but you could ask the bartender to shuffle up some litchi or fruity blends, unless you swear by chocolate!

Cocktails: I heard that Kiss of Love was exceptional. Not tried, just clicked:


The ‘mango phirni’ which we specially ordered off the Splitwood menu (pssst) was way too tasty, soft and perfect!

As you walk our of Splitwood, please stop by for a refreshing sweet paan (betel leaf)


Decor: Best of both worlds, East and West

Valet parking: Yes

Location: Good, next to The Leela Palace, Bangalore. Head out early. You’re bound to get stuck in traffic at that congested road. #bottlenecks

Lyf&Spice’s fave dish and pic!

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That’s all folks!!

Read… Drool… Eat!

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Disclaimerrrr – My blog, thus ‘my’ views! 😉

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