What will remain of us?




An endless path amid the ruins I see,

Sung tales of their royal glory I feel,

Thoughts trigger as I sweep through the relics and lintels,

What will be left of us, to the forthcoming generations to tell?


As I stare at the remains of the unshakeable foundation,

My heart tremors with new found emotion,

Never have I felt something this way,

Humbled I am at the thought of the work put in play!


Set to brave the heat, I pull up my socks,

My sweaty shirt has sworn not to miss out a block,

As I delve deeper into the restored sites,

Can’t stop to think of all that has gone in to making it so alive!


Reflections of art, strong foundations through time,

Love spun relationships and respect for mankind,

These structures reflect harmony, connect and peace,

Oh what will be left of us – Just a dusty iCloud and buried glass piece?


Let us build structures that through times will stay,

Made not of glass, but of something less fragile,

Of intricate bonds and trustworthy lines,

Let us invest in something that can’t be bought in dimes!

                                                                                 – Aditi Shukla

                                            [inspiration from the ruins at Siem Reap, Cambodia]

9 thoughts on “What will remain of us?

  1. With your expression I feel it has given a new imaginations of yesterdays remains. I am wordless to express my feelings about your FEELINGS ! BRAVO ! keep writing such wonderful feelings — and ur —-expressions


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