Rishikesh: Solo-Tripping and Top 10 Things to Do

Of Camping & Digital Detox by the Ganges… To the time I actually broke up with Netflix, and chilled (in the true sense)… The mighty mountains were howling, Clouds shuddering and bolts falling, I have to do this, I really need to, It’s that one step closer to my calling… And that’s how the icy soul and frosty feet Tip-toed into the vastness of the … Continue reading Rishikesh: Solo-Tripping and Top 10 Things to Do

Winter Paragliding at Uttarakhand

Ever since I skydived at Dubai, the jumper in me was itching for more thrills. So, on this rather unplanned trip to Uttarakhand (India), I decided to paraglide my way through 2020. What a brilliant way of ending the year!
Wishing you all a fabulous New Year full of adventures! 🙂 Continue reading Winter Paragliding at Uttarakhand

Melaka Travel Tips

All you need to know… Know your city Melaka or Malacca means the ‘historic state’, in Malay It was called Orang Laut and was originally a fishing village It was coined Melaka by founder Parameswara, after a tree where he took shelter It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and attained this status in 2008 Known for: its harmony and blend of culture, hawkers lanes, … Continue reading Melaka Travel Tips