Mount Carmel College Food Truck Fest

MCC – where it rains food, fashion and err… books? 😉  When it comes to all things fancy, Mount Carmel College can never go wrong. Being an ex-Carmelite, I couldn’t help but attend the much awaited Food Truck Fest at MCC! As a tribute to my college, staff and fellow foodies, here’s a quick bit on what to expect at the MCC Food Truck Fest. … Continue reading Mount Carmel College Food Truck Fest

Friends helped us clear our exams ;)

My Girls – My Soulmates!

A passage dedicated to all my gal-friends who’ve made a huge difference in my life… My girls – my all! My girls are my all. As much as I miss being with them, I cherish and treasure the moments I have spent with them. The good old college days, the parties, the late night gossip over coffee, the stay-over at one another’s houses, burning the … Continue reading My Girls – My Soulmates!