8 Steps to a Good Hair Care Routine  

Simple points for healthy hair…  Hair reflects your personality. The type of cut and style you flaunt talks a lot about you. But what does it really convey? You hair is a reflection of your inner health. Its condition, texture and health depends on how well you look after it. Just as a healthy seed gives a healthy crop, the time and care that you … Continue reading 8 Steps to a Good Hair Care Routine  

Authentic Nyonya Cuisine at Nancy’s Kitchen, Melaka

 A touch of Nyonya in Malaysia…  I love Nancy’s Kitchen! I was running through TripAdvisor when I came across Nancy’s Kitchen as the best place for Nyonya cuisine. A number of other sites and blogs recommended the place too, so I thought why not gain a first-hand experience and find out if it is hyped or true to its name? I am so thankful that … Continue reading Authentic Nyonya Cuisine at Nancy’s Kitchen, Melaka

Melaka Travel Tips

All you need to know…   Know your city Melaka or Malacca means the ‘historic state’, in Malay It was called Orang Laut and was originally a fishing village It was coined Melaka by founder Parameswara, after a tree where he took shelter It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and attained this status in 2008 Known for: its harmony and blend of culture, hawkers … Continue reading Melaka Travel Tips

Food BoNANZZA at SPLITWOOD, Big Pitcher, Bangalore

Bonanzza – typo? No – Read on to find out… 😉 Big Pitcher on Airport Road, Bangalore is the new definition of pubbing. That’s what the tagline reads: Pubbing retold, six-fold! That’s true, as you have something different for everyone. Whether you want to chill at the brew pub, Club Kahuna, relax at the Star Lounge, roof-top, sip beer, enjoy some good food or gear … Continue reading Food BoNANZZA at SPLITWOOD, Big Pitcher, Bangalore

Arabian Cuisine at Karama Restaurant, Bangalore

1 restaurant – 3 cuisines!   About Karama Think soulful music, think Qahwah, think rich Arab food – that’s right, Karama unveils a new Arab menu with Karachi and Punjabi menus sharing the golden space, as Empire group celebrates its 50th anniversary! This home away from home has its decor in sync with the menu. Enter the Karama zone and you will know you are … Continue reading Arabian Cuisine at Karama Restaurant, Bangalore

Home-Made Chicken Biryani

Edition Super-Mom: On special demand! I love my Mom, just ‘coz she makes the most yummilicious biryani in the world (and maybe for some yet-to-explore other reasons too)!!! <Eeks!> To all my friends and family who’ve been pestering me to share the recipe, here’s to the most lip-smacking, aromatic and finger-licking biryani in the world… Put your drool guards on.. and read on!   Ingredients … Continue reading Home-Made Chicken Biryani

New menu launch at Saffron-Hotel Park Plaza, Bangalore

Of North West Frontier cuisine and Indian flavours… Saffron – Hotel Park Plaza An exotic culinary experience! Chef Md. Ishitiyak and his team have crafted a new menu using Awadhi spices to artistically present an authentic North West Frontier cuisine, in an attempt to lure your palettes to try North-Indian flavours in the busy roads of the South.   When to go? It’s non-operational for … Continue reading New menu launch at Saffron-Hotel Park Plaza, Bangalore

Mount Carmel College Food Truck Fest

MCC – where it rains food, fashion and err… books? 😉  When it comes to all things fancy, Mount Carmel College can never go wrong. Being an ex-Carmelite, I couldn’t help but attend the much awaited Food Truck Fest at MCC! As a tribute to my college, staff and fellow foodies, here’s a quick bit on what to expect at the MCC Food Truck Fest. … Continue reading Mount Carmel College Food Truck Fest

Everest Cycle Co. Cycling and Food Tour in Mumbai, India

Cycling in the colours of freedom…     Independence Day Cycle Tour What happens when the 3C’s come together on a National holiday? You witness chitter-chatter, adventure and excitement over chai, conversations and cycling in the otherwise busy lives of people. The streets of Mumbai were ablaze with cycles and cycling enthusiasts alike, as Everest Cycle Co. organized a cycle ride to add to the … Continue reading Everest Cycle Co. Cycling and Food Tour in Mumbai, India

Travel to Melaka – food and fun!

 Let’s eat and explore…        Image credit: Phalinn Ooi   Foodies go where? Why do we travel and seek adventures and thrills constantly? We traverse far and wide for gaining experiences that enrich us, for making memories that stay with us and for imbibing influences form different cultures that embrace us. One such journey in the quest for another enriching experience is that … Continue reading Travel to Melaka – food and fun!

How about a Cabbage Shot!

Cheers to healthy drinking…     What? Did someone say cabbage? Yes, you heard that right!    Secret ingredients: Cabbage by itself is a very strong vegetable when it comes to flavour and odour. In order to make it less pungent and palatable, you can add one or more of the following to the healthy blend: Cucumber Carrot Tomato   Instructions: Take 1 small cabbage, cut into … Continue reading How about a Cabbage Shot!

Secret Garden Cafe

An escape to a hidden, aromatic garden…   Where do I find it? Where is Secret Garden Cafe? Well, the beauty lies in the mystery of its location. Nestled in the lush greens that adorn the corner of Edward Road, Bangalore, this sure is an eatery hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the busy town and its roads.   At the end of … Continue reading Secret Garden Cafe

Spill the Beans with Bakey Wish

In conversation with ‘Naina Miglani’    Cakes, home-made chocolates, sweet favors, delish packages, celebration and festivities – life sure is a sweet treat at Bakey Wish! Going by the motto ‘you wish we bake’, it is a bake-to-order service that specializes in customized cakes, cookies, cup cakes and all things sweet.   Let’s spill the beans: Lyf&Spice caught up with Naina Miglani, founder of Bakey … Continue reading Spill the Beans with Bakey Wish

Blogiversary edition: Lyf&Spice turns 1 !!!

  Celebrating our year-long journey… “Lyf&Spice turns 1, let’s eat & celebrate, & have some fun!” A big shout out to all my readers and followers, family and friends! Thanks for the love and support. Continue to subscribe to my blog 😉 and let’s share our mutual love for food ❤ Best food and foodie moments: For a 30-second recap and rewind video –> click … Continue reading Blogiversary edition: Lyf&Spice turns 1 !!!