Rishikesh: Solo-Tripping and Top 10 Things to Do

Of Camping & Digital Detox by the Ganges… To the time I actually broke up with Netflix, and chilled (in the true sense)… The mighty mountains were howling, Clouds shuddering and bolts falling, I have to do this, I really need to, It’s that one step closer to my calling… And that’s how the icy soul and frosty feet Tip-toed into the vastness of the … Continue reading Rishikesh: Solo-Tripping and Top 10 Things to Do

Winter Paragliding at Uttarakhand

Ever since I skydived at Dubai, the jumper in me was itching for more thrills. So, on this rather unplanned trip to Uttarakhand (India), I decided to paraglide my way through 2020. What a brilliant way of ending the year!
Wishing you all a fabulous New Year full of adventures! 🙂 Continue reading Winter Paragliding at Uttarakhand

6 Amazing Places to Visit When You’re in Kerala

Let’s rebuild Kerala: A tribute to God’s Own Country… Wishing all our readers a very Happy Onam! Kerala, the beautiful state in Southern India has been termed God’s Own Country for a reason. Its rich culture, beautiful landscape, warm people, delicious food and closeness to nature make it the perfect holiday destination for those travelling to India and a weekend getaway for those seeking solitude … Continue reading 6 Amazing Places to Visit When You’re in Kerala

Travel to Cambridge – Sibling Diaries

The city through my brother’s lens…  My brother left for the U.S. two years ago, and we haven’t seen him since. On our recent annual family gathering, he faced issues with his passport and couldn’t join us. Our sister-in-law and nephew filled in for him instead. That weekend, he had to attend a seminar in Boston and decided to stop in Cambridge, the city known for … Continue reading Travel to Cambridge – Sibling Diaries