Top Adventure Activities in Dubai

Of sand dunes and desert-boarding…  Happy to have Karla Ramos of Taste company share some wonderful ways of maxing your adventure quotient in Dubai. Dubai is a multi-faceted country and means many different things to different people. Dubai is famously known for its extravagant lifestyles, shimmering malls of commercial indulgence, buildings that challenge the laws of gravity, and much more. But there is one more … Continue reading Top Adventure Activities in Dubai

Your e-Guide to the Night Markets of Southeast Asia

A food guide to the night markets of Southeast Asia: Read all about the bustling markets, vibrant culture and food experiences from travellers around the globe. Continue reading Your e-Guide to the Night Markets of Southeast Asia

Travel to Melaka – food and fun!

 Let’s eat and explore…        Image credit: Phalinn Ooi   Foodies go where? Why do we travel and seek adventures and thrills constantly? We traverse far and wide for gaining experiences that enrich us, for making memories that stay with us and for imbibing influences form different cultures that embrace us. One such journey in the quest for another enriching experience is that … Continue reading Travel to Melaka – food and fun!

In love with Scuba!!!

Deep Sea Diving Adventures Hello folks!! It’s been a while since I posted on my blog… That’s coz I was busy training underwater… Read on to know more. (Pssst… for those friends who have been asking me to share pics, I have no pics of my dive, as I was too scared to click or get clicked.. Next time for sure 🙂 ) Here’s the post … Continue reading In love with Scuba!!!