New Visa Rules that Make Travelling Easy: Indian Passport Holders, Are you Ready?

Of relaxed visa application process and easy travel…


What is life without travel? It’s such a drab affair. Travelling gives us good memories, lessons and experiences. Travelling is therapeutic to some and exhilarating to many, but with its perks, come some hoops we need to jump through to travel, specifically, international travel and the infamous Visa. Yup, that’s right! Today, we are here to discuss the element that adds wings to our travel dreams.


A Visa is a document required to travel to other countries. In fact, it’s your entry permit, your gateway to the other part of the world. While different countries have different visa regulations, you must check your visa requirements in advance.

How to apply for a visa?

Although the visa requirements vary from one country to another, and must be checked with the agency prior to travel or ticket-booking, here’s a general outline of the documents required for visa application:

  1. You need a valid passport that is not due for expiry for the next 6 months
  2. You can either visit an agency to get your visa for the destination country stamped or head to the nearest Embassy for the same.
  3. You need to keep your identity proof, address proof, accommodation or sponsored stay letter handy.


If you’re from India, some perks are there to apply for a Visa. Take a look at some of them.

1. Paris

We have all dreamt of being on top of the Eiffel Tower or visit the City of Love, Paris with your significant other to get a lock a ‘love lock’. Well, good news for you guys. If you have a transit through the international zone of absolutely any airport in France, then you don’t need an airport transit visa.

2. Oman

One of the most economically stable countries of the world happens to be one of the most expensive too. But If you are travelling to Oman, you can now get a month-long tourist visa on arrival in the country for an amount of 20 Omani Riyal (3700 INR). Another perk? Your family can also get a visa on arrival, as long as you’re travelling together.

P.S – This rule is valid only if you reside in or hold an entry visa to the following countries – US, Canada, Australia, UK or Japan.

3. Myanmar

Ever wondered how the Burmese land is? One of the most historically rich places in Southeast Asia is this land that houses a personal favorite dish, an authentic ‘Khow Suey’,one you would want to travel all the way there for (trust me on this one). And fortunately, travelling to Myanmar is now easier for a drive-in.

What do you need to do? Simply display your e-visa right at the check-post. The e-visa can be obtained in just 48 hours.

4. United Arab Emirates

A lot of students want to go to this economically stable, flourishing region for studies and people dream to go there for industrial work and research too! Well, here’s some good news. UAE is now granting a 10-year long-term visa to skilled professionals and investors, more so to specialists in medicine, science and research. Visas are also being granted to “exceptional students.”

5. Israel

The place of pilgrimage for many, and an astoundingly beautiful country to visit has now cut down its visa fee for Indian citizens to a whopping 35%! You just need to get it for 1100 INR, although, you need to apply for a visa in the B2 visa (business, tourism or meeting or conference). Tourism pretty much falls under anything though. So pack up, folks!

6. Uzbekistan

For those who were always worried about not receiving their visa on time, Uzbekistan just solved that for you. You can apply just 3 days before your trip and fly away to the land of white gold.

P.S.: The e-visa facilitates single-entry for a 30-day period.

7. Dubai or Abu Dhabi

Seeking some family vacation time in Dubai or Abu Dhabi? Well, UAE isn’t just lenient to good students. Between July 15th and September 15th every year, UAE is offering visa-free travel to dependents below 18 years who are accompanying you. So, your kids can join you visa-free on a trip to Dubai. Make sure you plan ahead for next year.

Also, if you are transiting through Dubai and Abu Dhabi, you can now obtain a free transit visa for two days. The transit visa can be extended to four days from two at an additional cost of 50 Dirham (978 INR) Two birds in one stone!

8. Saudi Arabia

The country known for its strict rules for travelling in and out of the country, has now taken a liberal turn towards us. Saudi Arabia now issues tourist-visas to women aged 25 and above even if they are visiting the country without being accompanied by a man. It is actually up to the solo female travelers now. Having grown up in the beautiful country, I’m so happy to hear this!

9. Japan

Well, this country has been as stringent with issuing visas as any other European Country or the USA but they seem to have made life a little easier for Indians now. If you are applying for a short-term stay in Japan or a multiple-entry visa, you don’t need to show an employment certificate or a pay-slip. You need your visa application form along with a valid and recent photograph and proof of your financial stability, for all you Sushi Lovers and admirers of the Japanese culture.

But, all perks have to be regulated well too, so your trip to Japan is oriented, you need the necessary documents to prove your association with the respective company/organization.

10. Zimbabwe

Well, all of us, nature lovers, have had the dream of being in an African Safari in the Savanna. Guess what? Zimbabwe – a country known for not just its diversity in wildlife but also in culture; has given us, Indian passport holders, a green signal. Your visa can now be issued upon arrival in the country!

P.S India is among the 28 countries that Zimbabwe has relaxed visa rules for. You might want to pack up your safari gears. (But make sure you get the appropriate vaccinations before your visit).


As you can see, the new visa rules seem to be quite relaxed and Indians, and many others, can heave a sigh of relief! For all those seeking to travel without the hassle of applying for a visa all the time, you can now plan your travel better with a tad lesser effort.

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**Disclaimer: This post contains pieces of information collected from various sources and news-pieces. We thereby recommend you to check the visa rules of the country you are travelling to, in advance, for any change of documentation or procedure.

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