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Hope the weekend treated you well. Planning a trip for the coming weekend already? How about heading to Singapore? We have been getting a lot of requests for articles on Singapore, so here comes another one, written by Priya from Travel World Guide, from a local’s angle.

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Singapore is a fascinating holiday destination teeming with all sorts of innovative attractions and exciting recreations. However, most of Singapore attractions are quite famous and commercialized, thus, being crowded during holiday season and weekends, not to mention a bit pricey too during the peak seasons.


If you are in Singapore this weekend and wondering which Singapore tourist spots would let you spend quality time with your family or friends, here are some places that might interest you. These places in Singapore are some of the best ways to enjoy Singapore without putting much stress on your wallet. Scroll down to read on places to visit in Singapore minus the bustling tourist crowds which are easy on your pocket as well.

  1. Reconnect with nature at Southern Ridges
    Surrounded by lush greenery, the Southern Ridges is where you can cherish Singapore’s immense natural beauty. The Southern Ridges is a trail that stretches 10 kilometers linking nature parks and forest reserves between the Kent Ridge Park and Harbour Front along the southern edge of Singapore. A stroll on the Southern Ridge is a stunning way to appreciate the natural outdoors of Singapore and explore some of the stunning Singapore points of interests such as the Mount Faber and Henderson Waves. You have 8 trails to choose from, each having unique experiences and sights of Singapore.  For instance, The Marang Trail starts from the city harbour, meanders through secondary forests and takes you to the cable car station at Mount Faber, The floral trail takes you through a stellar scenic path lined with multihued foliage. The Henderson Waves, an iconic landmark in Singapore is part of the Southern Ridges and offers you a stunning experience of modern architecture fused seamlessly with nature’s splendours. Nature lovers, birdwatchers and those who need a break from the urban settings would certainly fall in love with this place.

    Southern Ridges, Singapore
    Southern Ridges, Singapore
  2. Stroll through the stunning sights of MacRitchie Reservoir Park
    Another way to escape the bustling crowd of Singapore and embrace nature is by taking an excursion to MacRitchie Reservoir. Known as Singapore’s oldest nature reserve, MacRitchie Reservoir is a popular weekend destination as an escape from the dynamic modern world. Brimming with exotic flora and fauna, rich bird and wildlife, it is a great way to explore the wonders of nature up close. Wander around the trails edging the reservoir and immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiances, occasionally spotting migratory birds and animals. Take a hike through the TreeTop Walk and view canopies of forest from a bird’s eye view. You can even go canoeing and kayaking in the calm waters of the reservoir to appreciate the tranquil beauty and stillness of nature.  It is an ideal way to take some time off to rejuvenate with nature therapy before you head back to the bustling city.

    MacRitchie Reservoir in Singapore
    MacRitchie Reservoir in Singapore
  3. Wander around the ethnic townships of Singapore
    Singapore is a global country with many Asian ethnic groups coming together and residing in harmony. These glimpses can be seen at the ethnic neighbourhoods such as ChinaTown, Katong and Little India. These places reflect the traces left behind by ancient settlements and influences of new settlers. These won’t guarantee you a crowd-free weekend, but the experience is totally worth it. Stay at these neighbourhoods over the weekend to see a totally different side of Singapore. Witness the multi-ethnic side of Singapore here where you can visit places rich in heritage such as Indian Temples and Peranakan houses. Spend the time wandering around vintage structures, sampling some of the most scrumptious genres of Asian cuisines and shopping at an assortment of shops that offers some of the best souvenirs you would like to carry back home with you as a reminiscent of your trip.

    China Town, Singapore(Townships of Singapore)
    China Town, Singapore (Townships of Singapore)
  4. Take an expedition to Pulau Ubin
    You have seen the glimmer, splendour, and vivacity of Singapore as a city. Ever wondered how this tiny island was before it was spearheaded by innovative urbanism? The best way to find out is by taking an excursion to Pulau Ubin – an island located on the northeast side of Singapore. Known as the last village of Singapore, Pulau Ubin depicts the simple life of village settlement before Singapore grew into a global destination. Spending a day here is a great way to understand the slow-paced life Singapore once had and perhaps to enjoy the humble life with your friends and families. The landscape is a blend of azure waters, serene beach shores along with mangroves marshes, lush forests, and villages with rugged gravel roads. Saunter around to explore the natural vistas of this island, take cycling tours or guided walks, visit the Chek Java Wetlands or simply spend the night camping at the island’s campsites. Any which way you decide to explore the island, the ambiance and rustic charms of Pulau Ubin is sure to leave an impression on you for a long time.

    Pulau Ubin Island
    Pulau Ubin Island
  5. Visit the unique art scene of Singapore
    Singapore has a passion for art and design, which is quite well depicted by its elegant and contemporary structures. Look beyond these iconic landmarks and you will find the art scene thriving and flourishing at meandering streets of Singapore. If you are an art lover, then check out the Gillman Barrack – an old British military camp transformed into a series of galleries showcasing the talents of contemporary artists from Southeast Asia. If you are in Kampong Glam, Little India, 64 Spottiswoode Park Road, 51 Waterloo Street or 222 Queen Street, be ready to find amazing works of murals and painting that pop up around the streets. Here’s where you can find a spectacle of visions that are out under the open sky for everyone to cherish and appreciate. Taking a tour around these streets is a unique way to explore art beyond the galleries and also to discover beyond the usual Singapore attractions. This is one of the best things to do in Singapore on weekends if you are seeking an extraordinary Singapore experience. 

    Art Scene of Singapore
    Art Scene of Singapore

Your Singapore holiday doesn’t need to be mundane. Of course, it is obvious that once you have applied for Singapore visa, you might want to chalk out an itinerary that includes Sentosa Island and the Marina Bay area. But then again, these places are quite overhyped as a result of which every Singapore tourist will be visiting these places. Moreover, it gets overwhelmingly crowded during weekends. So if your Singapore tour extends to a weekend, consider spending your weekends at these selected Singapore places and popular ‘must-do attractions’ in weekdays so that you can have the best of all experiences of Singapore in comfort and leisure.

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