6 Amazing Places to Visit When You’re in Kerala

Let’s rebuild Kerala: A tribute to God’s Own Country…

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Wishing all our readers a very Happy Onam!

Kerala, the beautiful state in Southern India has been termed God’s Own Country for a reason. Its rich culture, beautiful landscape, warm people, delicious food and closeness to nature make it the perfect holiday destination for those travelling to India and a weekend getaway for those seeking solitude amidst nature.

Recently, Kerala Floods have been the talk of the nation. 2018 has been a difficult year for the state. Today, as Kerala floods disrupt the harmony of the state, we pay a tribute to it through this post and urge people to help out in any way they can. (Read till the end to figure out how…)

Kerala Floods – current scene

Image credit: ©Robert Vinod/Malayala Manorama

Getting back to the travel aspect, here are the top 6 places you must visit in Kerala:

  1. Thrissur

Thrissur, formerly known as Trichur, is the cultural capital of Kerala and is known for its multiple, colorful festivals including the grand annual Hindu festival called ‘Pooram’. About 7 hours away from Trivandrum, this place is always filled with hues of flowers and greenery and the architectural brilliance of the temples. Upon the commencement of Pooram, you will be serenaded by instruments which are exclusively found in Kerala, like the Thimila and Maddalam, and the fireworks in the sky will enchant you. Thrissur is an experience you cannot miss out on. It is not just a pilgrimage but a journey that will remain etched in your mind.

  • 7 hour drive from Trivandrum
  • 10 hour train ride
  • Best time to visit – May
  • Recommended: Pooram festival visit
Pooram Festival in Thrissur
  1. Kovalam

Kovalam Beach is one of the most mind-blowing places you will ever see. It truly defines ‘God’s own country’ the moment you step on the almost-white sand on the beach. You can stare at the Indian Ocean like looking through a crystal clear emerald surface. One of the best breakfasts is served in the resorts near the shore. The wind is chilly in the morning and the weather is utmost comfortable.

  • Recommended – Pancakes, fruit smoothies
  • Best time to visit – Anytime but monsoon
  1. Allapuzha/Aleppey

Known as the Venice of India, this place is a backwater or a lagoon consisting of water bodies all around the city. You can stroll through one part of the city to another on a boat; technically, you have to wade through it. The highlight of Allapuzha is living on a houseboat, amidst a lagoon, watching the sunrise and sunset and just floating by the city.

Best time to visit: Any season but monsoon


  • House boat resorts
  • Malabar Biriyani
  • Appam and Idiyappam at local hotels
  1. Kozhikode

Kozhikode, previously Calicut, the city of spices really lives up to its name. Kozhikode Biriyani is to die for! Its spices have been famous since the time of British Rule and even made the English love biriyani. Yes, Lucknowis, Nawabi Biriyani is not the original. Kozhikode is one of the most urbanized and populous places in Kerala and is surely a good visit for metropolitan/food lovers.


  • Place – HILITE Mall
  • Kozhikode Biriyani

Best time to visit : Chillier times, like fall or winter season.

Calicut Beach
  1. Wayanad

Wayanad is home to Edakkal caves, which has petroglyph (drawings from removal or carving of rock surfaces) with stories on them dating back to the Neolithic age. It is a lush green forest on top of a hill, with a lot of diversity in flora and fauna. Wayanad is a great place to see the native life of simple folks in Kerala housing some of the best tea plantations. Spend a day exploring the plantations. You might just want to spend the night there and wake up bright to the aroma of fresh tea leaves.


  • Place – Edakkal Caves
  • Food – Kappa and Fish Curry
Banasura Sagar Dam in Wayanad
  1. Periyar

Periyar is one of the few National parks in India. This protected wildlife sanctuary lies close to Thekkady. A safari through Periyar is rather unique. It also houses the Periyar Lake, a long water body running through the center of the hilly region. And you can go for an exploration of the jungle via a boat ride! It is home to tigers, Asian elephants, as well as rare lion-tailed macaques, sambar deer, leopards and Indian bison. If you’re lucky, you could spot a flying squirrel.

  • Recommended: Documentary watching with the tourists at the resorts
  • Best time to visit: Seasons with relatively more rainfall

Kerala is one of the most serene places in, not just India, but, the globe. Its beauty does not perish with its adversity; it is eternally beautiful and shall forever be “God’s own Country”. The floods shall mark a rough time in the period of its existence, but not enough to lose faith and Kerala shall be rebuilt. Kerala needs your help.

Kerala Floods: Click on the link below to help the victims stay safe and healthy through this calamity.


Let’s rebuild Kerala together!


Image credit: ©Robert Vinod/Malayala Manorama

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61 thoughts on “6 Amazing Places to Visit When You’re in Kerala

  1. Thank you! The pictures were taken by some acquaintances, some of who were lucky enough to visit Kerala and some of them are residents of the State. The real view once you visit is even better. Try travelling to Kerala once in your lifetime. 🙂


  2. It’s great idea to visit Kerala soon,especially when you have memories associated with it. And it’s lovely to see your efforts with the flood relief. More power to you!


  3. Adversities have always been and will always be overcome, with the support of the rest of the country and even the world. The petroglyph caves in Wayanad are very interesting, it goes way back to Neolithic eras. It makes you feel like you’ve seen how the dawn of civilizations took place. It is as thrilling as seeing hieroglyphics on the pyramids in Egypt. Maybe one day, we’ll understand what the carvings really meant.


  4. The rain and flooding has finally stopped, now the flood relief programs are going on. And I’m sure you’ll get to stay on a houseboat soon if you visit. 😀


  5. It definitely will remain. Nature is something we cannot control but giving a helping hand to those in need is very doable and that’s what Kerala needs more than anything right now.


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