Places to Spot the Rare Rafflesia Flower in Southeast Asia

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Today’s post is focused on a rare breed of blooms, the Rafflesia, to be precise. Thanks to Snezana Ivanisevic for the write-up. Snezana is a social media content strategist, a blogger and a passionate wordsmith that has been assisting Steven Feiner, the CEO of A Better Florist on his journey to spread the A Better Florist innovative message, for the last two years.

If you’re in the home of the world’s rarest and heaviest flower, the Rafflesia flower, it means you’re in Southeast Asia and you want to find it and admire its glory. And even if you’re just visiting and you want to explore the best of what nature has to offer, you’re in for quite a treat. You don’t have the be an online florist or even the best florist in Singapore to be interested in the beauty of Rafflesia flower, which is why we did all the research to help you spot this amazing bloom. It’s the world’s most unusual, unique and rare flower, and its appearance is enough to intrigue you to want to see it in person. With it’s out of this world appearance and uniqueness, it’s a rare treat to just watch it in its blooming. But, if you’re set on finding it, and taking a few precious photographs, here’s where you will find it:

  1. Gunun Gading National Park

If you’re planning to see this magnificent flower, the Gunung Gading National Park is two hours away from Kuching and it’s the perfect place to see the Rafflesia flower. If you want to find out information about the flower and when it blooms even before you take the trip, make sure to call the park and get their advice, or you can even talk to the best flower delivery Singapore has.

  1. Slopes of Mount Kinabalu

If you’re feeling more adventurous, and not just talking to the best flower deliveryin KL about this beauty in the wild, the island of Borneo should be your next stop. You can find this exquisite bloom nested on the slopes of Mount Kinabalu. Getting there might not be as easy as a stroll through the park, but it will definitely make for a memorable experience.


​Image Source: Mike Prince
  1. Sabah – Between Kota Kinabalu and Tambunan

Yet again, if you’re into browsing through the internet, looking for pictures of this amazing flower, make sure to scroll through pictures of both wreath flowers and fruit baskets as well. Then, get ready to pack your hiking-pack and travel to Sabah. The road to the flower isn’t easy, because it can only be accessed by a mountain road, but once again, it’s completely worth the trip.

  1. Royal Belum State Park in Perak State

This amazing park actually has one of the world’s oldest rainforests, and as you step deeper into park and walk down the paths, you’ll be delighted to find the park’s Rafflesia species such as cantleyii, kerri and azlanii.


Image source: Alison Harrington

If you’re an adventurous traveller or a flower enthusiast, this nature’s gem is quite the sight. It’s something that is totally worth taking the time to find, if you’re in Southeast Asia.

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6 thoughts on “Places to Spot the Rare Rafflesia Flower in Southeast Asia

  1. This is the first time I’ve heard of the Rafflesia flower and it is definitely one of the most unique plants I’ve seen, Lyf. Although I am from Singapore I haven’t seen it until now. Guess I’ll have to look for it when I head back home!


  2. Hi sist, I saw one in my hometown too, In west Sumatera, Indonesia, wish this plant will never extinct 😀


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