Seeking Familiar Food on a Sandy Goan Land

Travel&Spice: S01E11

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Hola foodies/travellers!

Presenting Episode-11 of Travel&Spice for your dose of spicy travel exclusively on Lyf&Spice, where travellers share interesting stories about their favourite meal, restaurant or food encounters.

Today’ food tale emphasizes on the longing for a familiar taste. Mohit from Jaunting Journeys shares his experience from the sandy shores of Goa. Over to him…

Location: Molly’s Nest, Mandrem Beach, Goa, India

It was a spontaneous trip and we unknowingly landed in Goa, India. Being free souls, we didn’t have any hotel bookings prior to the morning we were to check-in. Now for a veggie like me who can’t leave the typical North Indian taste behind, I certainly did not expect to find any delectable dishes in the restaurant.


During our trip, we stayed in 3 different properties and believe me that the stay at Molly’s Nest Cottage was the best in terms of the rooms, view, food and service.  The restaurant created a lovely authentic low table seating with a beautiful sea view. The menu was abundant with varied cuisine from Chinese to Italian and more. But we found something we were looking for – North Indian food. From the menu, we ordered our all-time favourites: Dal Makhani and Kadhai Paneer, while praying that the evening won’t get ruined.

As we waited for the food, we grabbed some books from their small shelf but found nothing in English. Soon, to our surprise, we were served the best-tasting food we have ever had. The taste stuck to our buds and mind for long. After a fulfilling meal, we went down the stairs for a stroll on the beach and bid adieu to the cool and pleasant evening.


Bio- A civil engineer by profession started travel blogging to share my experiences while I travel new places without any planned itinerary as it adds up to more adventure and exploring more about the city.

Thanks to Jaunting Journeys, you now know where to find your comfort food in Goa. Make sure you check out their blog and Instagram handle. Cheers!!

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17 thoughts on “Seeking Familiar Food on a Sandy Goan Land

  1. I can totally relate to this article. When living abroad, finding comfort food was a struggle for me. We are one in the same. Fun post to read for sure. Brought back so many memories.


  2. I would love to go to Goa and try the food. I like paneer but I’ve only had it in the United States, so I’m sure it’s not authentic. India seems to have wonderful food. I am going there for the first time this December, and I can’t wait to try it all!


  3. True… I prefer to eat local food too.. but it was good to learn how people seek familiar food. Thanks to Mohit for sharing his food tale with us. 🙂


  4. Thank you Mohit for the recommendation for a great northen India food in Goa! I am not a picky eater but I understand sometimes we just need to eat what we grow up with and are use to. Like when we were “trap” on a tiny tiny island in Indonesia we were serve only rice three times a day and my Swiss husband was almost depressed just by looking at a bowl of rice!😂

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  5. I know nothing about Goan food but it looks delicious. Nice photos and enticing too! Thanks for sharing this!


  6. Yes finding authentic Indian food in Goa is sometimes a challenge, and I am glad you found this place, as I am in goa only and still didn’t know about it, will surely explore it


  7. I usually prefer to eat what the locals eat, when in Rome and all that. That said, you shouldn’t really find it difficult to find decent North Indian food in Goa. Most beach shacks will have a few options with Paneer and Dal for the most determined North Indian vegetarian.


  8. Considering my love of paneer-based dishes, I just might have to travel to Molly’s Nest for that delicious meal. So glad you ended up with such a good find- seems like the visit was a success! Can’t wait to head to Goa to try out the local delicacies myself!


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