Exploring the Jungles of Belize

Basking in the wilderness of Belize… 


It is time to experience the best of Belize and all that it has to offer, the Maya ruins, the world-class rainforests or the spectacular barrier reef. There is plenty to do and see here in the jungles of Belize. Hike on the rural jungle paths and search for wildlife in the solitude of a jungle riverside landscape. There are numerous opportunities to swim, snorkel or kayak in its tropical serenity of the isolated islands. There are plenty of wilderness lodges and rentals in Belize that boast of all the modern amenities even in the wilderness. This is your chance to take part in breathtaking excursions in the rainforests made of endless tropical trees. All you need to do is plan your vacation and book the next flight to enjoy the breathtaking Central American country. Get ready for fun and thrill-filled days in one of the unique experiences.

The jungle canopy of Belize holds magnificent treasures of Mayan artifacts, amazing caves, and hidden waterfalls. Plan a customized tour that takes you through breathtaking excursions amidst the wildlife concealed in the trees. Explore the grandeur of past civilizations and spectacular natural features of the ancient sites of Belize.

1. The Manovar Bird Sanctuary
Take a private boat to the Manovar Bird Sanctuary, located along the coast of Belize. Home to hundreds of magnificent Frigatebirds, you will find the birds scattered along the waters. Just hire a local guide, and they will take you to the nesting birds during that season. Also known as Pirate birds or the Man of Warbirds, it is interesting to see how the male Frigatebirds try to attract females with their inflated red-colored throat pouches.

2. Adventure in Caves Branch
Anderson’s Caves Branch will force you to push yourself and challenge your mind. Venture into the 300 feet of darkness and marvel at the spectacular crystal formations. You will come across Mayan ceremonial centers deep inside caves. Take a river tubing tour and later rappel down to a sinkhole above the rainforest canopy. If you are game for more adventure, you can climb, hike and swim.


3.Genuine hospitality at Garifuna Fishing Village
The coastal village is known as the cultural center of the Garifuna population. Garifunas were actually West Africans who were brought here by the Spanish as slaves during the 1600s. The small, vibrant community prides itself on genuine hospitality and good food. Enjoy authentic cuisine, live music and drumming at Garifuna Fishing Village. One gets great ocean views and good places to relish some of the great local dishes such as Cassava bread and Hudut. There are breathtaking excursions that offer a tour of an exhilarating cultural significance.

4.Visit the local Mennonite Community
Belize is most diverse and yet least densely populated. The population is made of Mestizoes, Creoles, Mayas, Mennonites, East Indians, Garifunas, Hondurans and Guatemaltecos, and they all live in peace and harmony. The Mennonites in Belize are seen riding their horse-drawn buggies and across their highly productive farmlands. The Mennonites have converted several sections of the jungles into highly productive farmlands and are known to be excellent agricultural contributors. They own dairy farms that produce milk, ice cream, yogurt, cheese, and eggs. Take a tour of the Mennonite Community and their homes and lands.

5.Look for romance in the jungle
There are plenty of rainforests and Forest Reserve with a thick canopy and private cabanas that overlook the river. Those jungles are the perfect place to escape the city life and retreat into the solitude. Just lie down in a hammock and listen to the sounds of the forest. One is transported to another world and enjoy food prepared by the local restaurant. Stay at one of the lodges or rentals to enjoy a beautiful view of the canopies as well as some great breakfast. Take a horseback ride or mountain bike on farm roads or rural jungle paths.


6.Take a helicopter ride over rainforest
Watch those houses slide beneath and those endless tropical trees below. This is a novel way to get introduced to the new country and get a closer look. Circle over some old Mayan site and largest pyramid. Touch down wherever you want for lunch and then fly off again to explore new jungles and manifold greens. Look at the graceful curves of cohune palms near the Guatemalan border. You can feel the solitude of the jungle riverside landscape and the wilderness.

7.The wildlife in Belize
The wildlife is truly spectacular in Belize, and there are birds’ squawks and the jungles are filled with tropical noises. There are tropical noises in the night air, and everywhere there is fertility. The canopy explodes as the tree trunks soar and the overgrowth clambers while the undergrowth creeps. The whole lot is schmoosed with lianas and vines and interrupted by the susurration of insects. Dragonflies flit and shift like miniature spaceships. One is sure to enjoy exceptional bird watching and wildlife viewing in Belize.


8.The Jungle Safari
What’s exceptional about Belize is that even though it is a small country, it has so much to offer. There are undiscovered Mayan temples as one goes through pristine jungle scenery and comes eye to eye with the extraordinary diverse wildlife. All one needs to be is an explorer to discover this paradise filled with fantastic flora, fauna, and wildlife. There are birds, crocodiles, lizards, howler monkeys, jaguars, jabiru stork, spider monkeys, crocodiles and other residents.

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14 thoughts on “Exploring the Jungles of Belize

  1. I am quite interested to visit the Garifuna Fishing Village and meet the community. More than anything else, people makes my journey worth. The helicopter ride over the rain-forest would be a wonderful experience of seeing the wilderness from the air. Circle over some old Mayan site and largest pyramid sounds quite fascinating.

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  2. Belize has always fascinated me, since I saw a friend’s pictures there. But I did not know that there’s a jungle in Belize, I always pictured it as a beach destination. I would love to experience a jungle safari!

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  3. Belize is not really a place you hear about much. I knew very little of the country let alone that there were such interesting things to do there. I think I would perhaps particularly enjoy visiting the Mennonite farmers.

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  4. I definitely want to visit Belize! My son and his girlfriend were there last year and loved it. From your post – and all there is to do and see there – I can totally understand why. I’d love to see the wildlife, stay in a beautiful lodge and explore the jungles.

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  5. The bird sanctuary, wildlife, and rainforests of Belize remind me of strongly of my home country. In fact, although Belize is located in Central America, it’s considered a part of the English-speaking Caribbean because of its shared history with countries like Trinidad and Tobago. I have to make it there someday.

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  6. The way you describe Belize makes me want to head there now! I have been to Belize but only for a short visit to Tobacco island and Caye Caulkner and your post makes me regretting not have spend more time in Belize! Especially exploring more the wildlife and the jungle!

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  7. Belize looks like a fascinating place, especially the landscape. I never knew about the diverse mix of people there so that was an interesting read. Thanks for sharing these jungle adventures!

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