The famous Indian Aloo Tikki: Satisfy your Potato Cravings

Travel&Spice: S01E08

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Hola foodies/travellers! Presenting Episode-08 of Travel&Spice for your dose of spicy travel, where travellers share interesting stories about their favourite meal, restaurant or food encounters.

Today, Neha, the founder of TravelQuartz, shares her favourite Indian snack with us. Her website, TravelQuartz, is another name for travel insights collected along her journey around the world. It features the must-visit destinations that are recommendations for your travel.

**Potato Cravings**

One thing I always look forward to eating in India is the very famous snack called “Alu Tikki”.

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ALU TIKKI – It’s a quintessential Indian snack which has a countrywide fan-following, except South India. It’s a patty made of boiled potatoes, which are shallow-fried on a big griddle and served with two types of chutneys – sweet red and a sour green one.

A slightly modified way to consume is to top it with cholas (spicy curry of whole chickpeas) and add some chaat masala (blended spice of black salt, chilli powder, dry mango, cumin seeds and asafoetida).

The shallow fried potato makes it a delicious feast mixed with various Indian spices.
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Where to find it ??

One can easily find them in the streets of India. It is bound to keep bringing you back, again and again. You just need to go to any local street and ask for an Alu Tikki stall. Keeping the hygiene factor in mind, it is recommended to check some good snack-restaurants in India and try it there.

It’s not hard to find a street vendor selling these in the markets and streets of India – an experience that should not be missed.

“I had the best Alu Tikki on the streets of Mathura , the land where Lord Krishna was born. I keep going back to Mathura for the amazing street food it offers.”

Mathura is a small town in Uttar Pradesh, India. It’s near Delhi, the capital city of India. This place is known for worshipping Radha and Krishna. It is the birthplace of Lord Krishna and ranks very high in the top spiritual destinations for Hindus in India.

Next time, plan a trip to Mathura for both spiritual and gourmet reasons. If you want to know more about food during festivals in India then click on this link.

1794791_10152686373874186_8095392059341902043_n (1)

Make a note, guys. Thanks to TravelQuartz, you now know where to find some delicious Indian chaat in the bazaars and streets of the wonderful country.

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6 thoughts on “The famous Indian Aloo Tikki: Satisfy your Potato Cravings

  1. Oh my god, alu tikki looks amazing. I’ve never heard of it. There’s so much indian food I need to try. Thanks for the great article!

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  2. I totally agree with Neha, Indian’s snacks are amazing. And they can be found anywhere, just reach out for them. Didn’t know the revered Lord Krishna was born in Mathura. I should beter consider Mathura for a visit since it promises Ali Tikki

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