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Hope the year-end is treating you well. Today, we have a guest post by SmileTutor, a private tutor for students across subjects, which focuses on the student segment of Singapore. Travellers, you could use this list as your quick guide to Singapore too.

Singapore is home to various nationalities, that’s why it can’t be denied that although a small country, it has remarkable places to visit. Its strong economic growth has made it popular amongst foreign investors. Not only is the country home to investors, but its competent education system has made Singapore the sanctuary to students who have high hopes on making it to the competitive industry of multiple corporations.

Although it can’t be denied that the Singapore tuition can cost a student a lot and some have invested in becoming a Singapore tutor to support their needs, everything will be worth it if you’ll get to cherish the places that you can visit in Singapore for free. Listed below are some of the top destinations you might want to try this weekend as you explore to gain a deeper understanding of the roots of Singapore.

  1. Chinatown

Despite the advancement of technology and rapid growth of the country, Singapore has maintained places where traces of their history may be found and one such is Chinatown. An iconic place for any shopper who would like to save a lot of money whilst acquiring quality products, you may also enjoy the history brought by Chinatown Heritage Center and temples. This is where you can enjoy street food too – a truly thrilling place just like Malaysia.

  1. Marina Bay

Anyone who has been to Singapore would say that Marina Bay should be on top of your list to visit in Singapore for the place depicts Singapore’s astounding infrastructures centered in a bay and has various first-class hotels, resorts, restaurants, tourist sports (e.g. museum) to choose from. Marina Bay is also spectacular at night for its light shows and epic iconic landmarks that tourists usually visit, some of which include the Helix Bridge which glows by night and has become one of the common spots for taking pictures for its DNA-like structure.


  1. Clarke Quay

If you can’t get enough of Marina Bay, it’s certain that you’ll definitely want to go back to this riverside wonder that is blasting with music and tourists from different parts of the world. Indulge yourself in a weekend escapade where the solemn ambiance of the river and busy bars, shops, nightclubs come together in one place. Did you know that Clarke Quay is also known as the sanctuary for Singapore’s ‘party animals’ because it houses shopping spaces and bars for bar-hoppers to have fun?

  1. Gardens by the Bay

Words would not suffice the first time you get a glimpse of this architectural wonder. It has been recognized in 2012 as the World Building of the Year. This futuristic theme is surrounded by tree-like structures that have amazing colors coming off with a skywalk over the garden where you’ll be enthralled by trees and plants surrounding the whole place. Rest assured, car parks are bombarded with tourist vehicles wanting to experience this one-of-a-kind masterpiece in Singapore. It would not be ideal to visit this place during the peak season as you may find yourself stuck in a heavily-populated lane.


  1. Orchard Road

‘Shopping Epicenter’ is what locals would call this place – Orchard Road is your ideal place if you’re looking for souvenirs to bring home. Here, you may find yourself surrounded by a variety of stores, spas, salons, coffee-shops, restaurants, and shopping malls where you may buy things at a cost-effective price. Be awestruck with the architectural structures and the convenience of reaching different places.

  1. Raffles Hotel

One of the most significant landmarks in Singapore, Raffles Hotel that has 103 suites and 18 restaurants and has once been graced by Queen Elizabeth II as well as Michael Jackson. Not only are you going to enjoy this colonial-themed hotel established around 1887, but you will also experience a handful of Singapore culture. Observe the slang and style of talking in English by Singaporeans as they meet and greet people.

  1. Sentosa

You may have heard how people encourage tourist to visit Sentosa. Ever wonder why? It’s because it’s an island built by its people in Singapore for the sole purpose of becoming a safe haven for people after a stressful week at work. Since traffic is not a word in Singapore and transportation is always convenient, you may enjoy the theme parks, beach, and shopping malls nestled here.


  1. Universal Studios Singapore

Enjoy the rides and test your ability to overcome thrilling rides in amusements parks with Universal Studios that has two roller coasters known to be the world’s tallest dueling roller coasters. As also the first amusement park in Southeast Asia, it has more than 20 attractions in different themes that people in any age may enjoy.

  1. Little India and Arab Street

Aside from embracing the culture of Singapore, it has also taken value of other nationalities by having Little India and Arab Street, popular spots not only for the Indian community, but for others as well.

  1. Fort Canning Park

A common resting place for locals and tourists, the Fort Canning Park has served as a defense reservation around 1859. Nowadays, the place is visited for performances, festivals, art performances and picnics for people who want to relax and relish nature while discovering knowledge on war.

  1. Henderson Waves

You may see regular joggers and even tourists on this 284-meter bridge that provides a satisfying natural stretch. Even on weekdays, this place is jam-packed with people wanting to get off the city and find relaxation through enormous trees and plants surrounding the bridge.

Sure enough, Singapore will continuously provide jaw-dropping places to visit for local and international tourists while keeping their culture and heritage intact. This is one of the many reasons why people who were once a tourist in this country have made Singapore their new home.

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23 thoughts on “Things to do in Singapore on Weekends

  1. Again, a very attractive and interesting travel brief, beautifully illustrated, that allows you to discover a Singapore off the beaten track. I often visit Urban Fairways | Indoor Golf Bar & Cafe ( in Singapore, it’s a great place to catch up with your friends and have a drink while playing indoor golf.


  2. I have been to Singapore twice but that is long back. I see lots of interesting sights now, especially Gardens by the bay. It is indeed an architectural wonder. Great pics all.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. There are so many wonderful places in Singapore sadly we haven’t made to it yet though we wish to soon. The Marina Bay and the Gardens by the Bay no doubt would be on the top of the list of the places we would want to visit in the city. Chinatown and Orchard Road sounds like a great location for some shopping spree and being an Indian we would definitely not want to miss a visit to Little India and Arab Street.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Visiting the Raffles hotel is definitely worth it. The Sunday Brunch is very well recommended, it was such a feast. I stayed in the Raffles for a couple night and felt like going back in time and super service. It made me fall in love with Singapore!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Singapore is on my bucket-list. This post if super helpful to plan an amazing vacation there. I seriously had no idea that Singapore had so much to offer. My favorite is the Marina Bay and the Gardens by the Bay. They looks so beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Such a fun post! I’ve never been to Singapore before, but pictures of Marina Bay and Gardens of the Bay flood my Instagram on the daily. Such beautiful structures that I can’t wait to see for myself one day.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. The last time I visited Singapore, we stayed overlooking the Marina. I could even see the Gardens of the Bay and yet amazingly did not go visit. I have been kicking myself ever since as they look truly amazing. I need to go back!

    Liked by 2 people

  8. I’ve been twice to Singapore (stopover) and spent time in these locations. I still haven’t made it to Sentosa and would like to. Also never saw Henderson Waves; sounds like a cool bridge.

    Liked by 2 people

  9. This post could not have come at a better time. I am currently doing my itinerary for my Singapore trip in March. I have the first 5 on my itinerary along with Universal studios and sentosa. I am so excited for this trip especially if Singapore is as beautiful as you had described it.

    Liked by 2 people

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