Sunsets From My Window: Kota Bharu, Malaysia

Chasing sunsets in my sun-city… 


Well, if you are thinking about postcard-perfect sunsets, dedicated sunset points, the setting evening glow at the harbours or disrupted yellows by the mountains and endless oceans, let’s burst your bubble. That is not the case with sunsets in Kota Bharu. Let me call it My Sun-City for now, for this is where I live.


The likes of Kota Kinabalu, no doubt, offer the best sunsets in the world, but this little city of Kota Bharu has no supporting landscape, no dramatic backdrop and yet, its sunsets are nothing short of gorgeous. The orange-dyed cotton balls, soft flurry of greys and tinted lips of purple kiss the sky goodbye every evening as I stare – amazed and touched!


Yes, we are talking of a simple, plain sunset in Kota Bharu, Malaysia, which by far, could be classified as the most dramatic ones I have ever seen. I say so because there is no mountain range, water body or a high-rise skyline out here. The simple city still boasts of the lesser-known yet the best sun-kissed sets ever.


The sun sets quite late in Kota Bharu, at about 7-7.15 P.M. My daily ritual (on days when I’m not travelling) has been to run to my window and gaze at the setting sun. I do this at 06:45 P.M. daily. Sometimes, I just flip my laptop over to face the window and write random thoughts on the setting sun. The other times, it just makes me smile and motivates me to be more creative. The photos used in the post haven’t been edited; no filter has been used and they are clicked through the window-pane from a normal phone. You can imagine what the actual sunsets must be like.


A fiery gush of muggy heat I feel,

Tickling my nerves and burning all that I see…


As I gaze at the hues and the drastic sky,

I wonder if I’d ever be able to fly…


To feed my soul, not my dreams on fire,

What is it now that I most desire?..


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12 thoughts on “Sunsets From My Window: Kota Bharu, Malaysia

  1. Wow those sunset photos are impeccable, I love the sheer of the colors especially the red/orange mixture it brings life to earth. probably if I was there I’ll just keep on staring the sky until morning 🙂

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  2. Yay you posted them!! Amazing:D I love all the variations in sunsets that are all beautiful:D Gah I wish we could get a lovely sunset every day, but unfortunately there’s way too much light pollution in the city:(

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