How To Make The Most of Your ‘One Day in Kuala Lumpur’

Let the hour-glass roll…

Running short on time while visiting Kuala Lumpur? Let us help you make the most of your stay. Be it food tasting, club hopping or checking out important places of interest, we’ve got you covered. Depending on your taste and preferences, here’s what you can do to make the most of your 24 hours in the capital city of Malaysia.


Indulge in street eats: If you’re okay with street food and are sure to dodge the Delhi belly, then you must treat yourself to delicious local delights off the streets. Head to Jalan Alor or Jalan Petaling for the famous nasi (rice) preparations, seafood fritters, snacks on sticks, pancakes, coconut shakes and local tid-bits.


Enjoy a nature trail: To add a streak of green to your day, unwind in an enormous garden. Visit the Perdana Botanical Gardens and choose 2-3 sections of your interest: hibiscus garden, bird park, butterfly park, Islamic Arts Museum, deer park and more. Hop onto the tram for a tour and hop off at any stop. Pay by the hour. As an alternative, you could hail a cab.


Go pub-hopping: Unwind over a pint or go food-tasting as you hop from one pub to another at Bukit Bintang or Changkat’s famous walk zone. Be it café hopping, Indian food, sheesha snuffing, fine dining or dancing, you find it all here.

Bukit Bintang on a weekday (You can imagine how busy it gets on weekends)

Visit Suria KLCC: If shopping is on your mind, check out the brands at the mall within the Suria KLCC complex. The reason we recommend this complex over Pavilion (a beautiful mall) is that you have it all here, especially when you don’t have much time. The famous Petronas Towers are located within this space. It also houses the musical fountain, art gallery and a massive food court. You have an exotic rooftop bar, Marini’s on 57, offering amazing views of the city and the twin towers.

Imbibe the best views: Instead of buying tickets to go to the twin tower’s viewing deck, we recommend booking a table on a rooftop bar with the Petronas-facing view – something like the one mentioned above or SkyBar at Trader’s Hotel amongst many others. How about the Heli Bar, on a helipad over a sundowner? Sounds perfect, right? Make the most of your visit to Kuala Lumpur.


How to commute?

The best way of exploring the city centre would be on foot as everything is within a confined radius around the Petronas Towers. If you want to head to far-flung areas and moderately distant places of interest, then download the Grab taxi app. Another great way of exploring the main centre and nearby places is to rent a bicycle. You don’t have to book in advance. You will find them stacked along paved paths and hotel hubs. All that you need to do is download the bike app on your phone and start riding.

GrabTaxi / MyTeksi

Mobile connection:

Pick up a sim card, unless you have a local friend to help you out or tag along. Choose out of a Digi, Celcom or Maxis connection. Buy a pre-paid connection that requires less documentation, is relatively hassle-free and is easy to top up as and when needed.


Hope this post answers all the questions that most of you have been asking me off late, for your 1-2 day (work) visit to Kuala Lumpur.

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If you still have questions w.r.t. the trip, message me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. (check the Message Me button on the home page)

That’s all folks… You won’t have time for more activities than these 🙂

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28 thoughts on “How To Make The Most of Your ‘One Day in Kuala Lumpur’

  1. That is a well written and beautifully compiled up post on Kuala lumpur. We would love munching on street food and doing club hoping. Nature walk is another thing which will attract us and be on our list. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. I spent three days in Kuala Lumpur. Even though I realized I don’t like metropolitan cities, we still had a great time there. And the food was soo diverse and completely different from the food we tried in SEA

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow! Nice collection of things to do in Kuala Lumpur. Last year, I had a flight layover of 8 hours in Kuala Lumpur. I wish I knew this at that time so I would have tried some of these things. Saving this post for future reference. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  4. I never thought about Kuala Lumpur, but it looks fascinating. I definitely have to check it out one day and your guide was quite handy 😉 Thanks for sharing.

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  5. Yay, KL! I went to the Skybar at Trader’s Hotel and it was awesome! Although you have to sip on one drink for hours because it’s really expensive haha:P And most of the street food is great, but I never escape the dodgy stomach when I go…:P

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  6. This is so cool! A perfect guide for a one day stay in Kuala Lumpur, street food is a must! visiting Asia it’s the world of street food, beside of the delicious taste it’s also cheap. Can’t wait to come back to KL.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. have seen most of Asia but not Malaysia, I bet the reason was I had to plan it post reading your recommendations …lol…now I need to visit Kuala Lumpur, this one-day tip post is awesome because most of connecting flight give you this option to explore this awesome destination!

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