Beer and nuts?…Not in Thailand!!

Travel&Spice: S01E03

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Hola foodies/travellers! Presenting Episode-03 of Travel&Spice for your dose of spicy travel, where travellers share interesting stories about their favourite meal, restaurant or food encounters.

Today, Amit Sharma from Forever Roaming The World stirs the blogosphere with his bizarre encounter with a scorpion. What happens next? Read on to find out.

Over to Amit:

From Nottingham England, I’ve been backpacking the world on the tightest of shoestring budgets since 2010 – Roaming the world is my calling in life.

Place: Koa San Road, Bangkok, Thailand

Beer and nuts?…Not in Thailand! How about Beer and Scorpion?

scrpn sticks

A part of being a backpacker or any kind of traveller in-fact, sometimes you just want to do as the locals do. You want to experience their culture the way they do, you don’t want to be that tourist that just does and orders the same as you would back home.

So when you’ve just arrived in Bangkok Thailand, and you’re sitting on the famous Koa San Road, tasting that first chilled Chang beer (which incidentally is cheaper than Chang water; go figure) you see tourists all around you, some trying their first street Pad Thai, others trying raw mango dipped in chilli and lime; you of course want to try it out.

Well the same went for me when a lady walked by offering a fried scorpion on a stick (the Chicken Satay stick was on another tray) My first thought was ‘Is that a f****** scorpion’ ….My second thought was ‘I wanna try it’ – So I ushered the lady over, we played the haggling game, two guys sitting next to me and my friend were in utter disbelief but we persuaded them to join in too.

scrpn on stick

It was only until the stick was in my hand that I realised what I was about to do…Eat a freaking Scorpion! ….We all just stared at it for a few seconds, deciding whether to go through with it or not. I couldn’t back out; after all it was my bright idea. I was ‘Billy big bollox’ over here. So inevitably after a quick pep talk in my brain I bit the bullet and crunched down on the hard shell…

Now you’re probably wondering what it tastes like and I’m pretty sure you’re hoping I don’t say it tastes like chicken because everything new tastes like chicken. Well it kinda did…more specifically like a slightly burnt chicken wing but just slightly crispier shell. It wasn’t as meaty or gooey as I was expecting it to be and there wasn’t a lasting taste to it, so it didn’t linger.

Would I try it again? Yes. Just with a better dip. That was the start of eating some weird and wonderful food all over South East Asia.

eating d scrpn

Ahem.. slow clap for the brave act, guys. Thanks to Forever Roaming The World, you now know where to quench your thirst for bizarre food experiments.

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15 thoughts on “Beer and nuts?…Not in Thailand!!

  1. That looks really cool. Definitely a must try if I ever go there myself. Thanks for the tip!

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  2. It is really challenging.. I agree!! Glad to receive the story from a daring traveller. Do check out Forever Roaming The World for more stories 🙂


  3. Oh my this is the wierdest and the most creepy food to eat for me. Love the courage though of your partner there, he doesn’t have any feelings of doubtness. I bet it was challenging! I don’t know if I can do it. great adventure!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh my goodness, he is BRAVE! I could not eat insects,bugs, little critters. None at all, mainly because I’m petrified of them! I’ve watched this show called Fear Factor. I always wanted to participate because they do daring things, but what threw me off was they always have something nasty to eat. Can’t do it for the money lol

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  5. I wasn’t sure whether to include scorpion on my list of unusual foods but in the same way as Armit described it, some of my friends said it wasn’t actually too unusual or bad haha! So I think tarantula still beats it:P I’d try scorpion and feel badass, too:P

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