30 Photos That Will Make You Travel To Perhentian Islands Now

Our photo story… 

Hola travellers… We just got back from Perhentian Islands and we give you 30 reasons (in pictures) to visit these jewels of the ocean yourselves.

Postcard perfect views

Perhentian Islands have been our favourite islands since our first visit to them in 2015. That’s what made us fall in love with the island life, underwater life and helped us take a step further to get certified. These mesmerizing waters and white sand shores are nothing short of utopia. Read all about the tips and tricks of visiting Perhentian Islands here.

For now, enjoy the photo tour:    

Welcome to the gorgeous islands
Transparent waters of Perhentian Islands
Choose out of Kecil (small) or Besar (big) islands
A glimpse of Besar
Boats docked by the bay
Small ferries and boats are the best means of internal and external commute
Swimming in the ocean
The endless stretch of the jungle and ocean
Of streams and lagoon-like formations
Wouldn’t you want to curl up in the greens?
Ready for a jungle trek?
Carry your hiking gear: good shoes and full-length tracks
Boats docked by the bay around sunset

We have never been able to convince ourselves to book our stay anywhere besides Bubbles Dive Resort. This beautiful property is in a secluded part of the bigger ‘Besar’ island, where we have the bay to ourselves. Focused diving, certification, tranquillity, good food and a home away from home pretty much sums up why we prefer Bubbles to any other resort.

Happy Bubbles – such a welcoming place
The best spot for snorkelling starts here, and diving further ahead
Where do you want to go?
The area around the reception
View from the hammock
Usual views in the resort
Boats through tyre swings
Turtle hatchery and conservation site

Conquering my fear of water and feeding our lust for the underwater world, this is where we got PADI certified. One step led to the other and we went on from Scuba Divers to Open Water Divers. Want to know more? Read our story here.

Psst… The islands remain closed for monsoons from mid-Oct to mid-March. Please check the season before booking your tickets.

Would you snorkel or dive?
Diving spots – we have covered most of them by now
Time to kit up and dive
Leaving for the 5th dive
When the gear’s ready for the next dive

Where have these pictures been clicked? -> Perhentian Besar, Bubbles Dive Resort, Boat trip between the islands.

Turtle Conservation Centre
Our favourite beach resort
Tough to bid good-bye

Psst… This is not a sponsored post. We paid for the resort and dives ourselves. We fell in love with it and thought of recommending it to you too. Hope you had a fun tour with us.

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27 thoughts on “30 Photos That Will Make You Travel To Perhentian Islands Now

  1. Great capture all there photo. I am a traveler every year I was going to two big places. There you share 30 picture bought are great and all places is really beautiful. When I see the sea water then I saw wow that was so really clean. I never going to the Perhentian Island. But Next time I will be go there . I want to know some information. Which camera you use for your photography.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Perhentian Islands is beautiful place to visit and the images of this island justifies why everyone need to visit Perhentian Islands.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I cannot wait to re-visit, I loved your photos and videos, it is such beautiful paradise island. I think I want to live there forever. It is one of my fav places.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow this is definitely a worth to visit place, I love to travel especially with beaches and animals to see. Perhentian Islands is indeed beautiful, those photos of yours are just stunning, I can sense the fresh experience in here. love you post!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. It loves absolutely awesome! On the question of snorkelling or diving, diving all the way for me, You get to see and experience more.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh, nice!! We plan to do AOW sometime and maybe night diving too.. Will check out Redang too.. and you must head to Perhentian during the right season 🙂 (Thanks-let me check)


  7. This looks like the epitome of an island paradise! A few years back, I was deciding between Redang and Perhentian for diving, but eventually went with Redang because my husband knows the people there. The Perhentian beaches look nicer, though! I think the best diving in Malaysia is in Sipadan still, though you should get your AOW before going. (PS – just emailed you re your Travel and Spice series!)

    Liked by 1 person

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