5 Reasons Why You Should Eat Street Food on Holiday

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This week, read a guest post on our favourite topic: FOOD, by a fellow traveller, Isabel, from Bel around the World.

About Isabel: Isabel draws energy from being outdoors. 23 and from Singapore, she believes there is nothing more fulfilling than being unplugged. An explorer at heart, the world is her playground. She chronicles her student travel adventures and budget tips on her blog. Follow her blog for more stories.

Over to her… 

Travellers often flock to the stalls around the world that offer up delectable portions of street food. You may be wondering why it’s so popular – here are five reasons why you should be doing the same when on holiday.


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1. There’s a massive variety

One of the most impressive things about street food, no matter where you are, is the sheer variety of dishes on offer. Head to Vietnam, for example, and you’ll be able to sample everything from the renowned pho to the baguette-like banh mi (labelled by The Guardian as one of the best street foods in the world), both as delectable as the other. And street food sometimes offers up a challenge for the more adventurous traveller. One of Cambodia’s most prized meals is fried tarantula, with the huge spiders being served on skewers. Those who have tasted it have likened the taste of the legs to chicken, with the gooey abdomen being the most difficult part to consume. Yummy.

2. Street food is always affordable

When travelling, it’s likely you’ll be sticking to a tight budget. That’s why street food makes for the best option when it comes to eating – you’ll never be spending more than a couple of units of whatever your native currency is. Even the biggest and the best portions won’t be out of your price range. A bowl of pad thai in Thailand is never going to exceed $4 USD, and you’ll be guaranteed a fresh, nutritious and delicious dish without breaking the bank. Restaurants sometimes charge you much more than necessary for food that may not be as good, so sticking to a quick and easy meal from a street stall is the best bet for the traveller on a budget.


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3. It’s prepared fresh

There’s no denying that you could spend hours each day watching chefs prepare their dishes fresh on the street. There’s hardly any risk of dealing with the dreaded Delhi belly when eating street food, as you’ll be able to watch it being prepared right in front of you, no matter where you are.

In fact, the act of cooking street food makes up for a large part of its appeal. There’s something fascinating about seeing how chefs from across the world prepare their dishes and how some of the most interesting foods are made from scratch – head to Jamaica to watch the considerably fragrant cooking of jerk chicken, with the scent filling the streets.

4. It’s a way to experience the culture

If you’re looking for ways to understand and appreciate the culture of your destination, street food is a great way in. Food is undeniably important within many cultures. Take Japan, for example, where sushi is perhaps the most iconic and instantly recognizable thing on offer.

And there are some cultural customs in relation to consuming food that you’ll be expected to understand and follow. In Thailand, for example, you shouldn’t throw your leftovers away. It’s said to upset the God of Rice, a female deity who watches over the country and ensures nobody is going hungry or without food.


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5. The best dishes come from the street

It seems safe to say that the best food you’ll eat whilst travelling will be street food. You can find nearly anything prepared fresh, and meals won’t leave you out of pocket – whether it’s a curry upon the bustling streets of Delhi or some traditional Thai satay, rest assured you’ll be blown away by the quality of street food all over the world.

Have you got a favourite street food dish? Let us know in the comments below!

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