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The city through my brother’s lens… 

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My brother left for the U.S. two years ago, and we haven’t seen him since. On our recent annual family gathering, he faced issues with his passport and couldn’t join us. Our sister-in-law and nephew filled in for him instead. That weekend, he had to attend a seminar in Boston and decided to stop in Cambridge, the city known for its universities, museums, restaurants, and performing arts.

I asked him to share his experiences from his trip, and he sent a photograph of three pages from his diary. Not everyone documents their travel experiences the way we travel bloggers do, so I’ve fine-tuned those pages to share with readers. Miss you, Bro. Hope to see you this year.


Day 1

Map and Museums

(Image via Flickr by BostonPhotoSphere)


I prefer booking a good hotel with impeccable in-house amenities. I parked my luggage there, pulled out a fresh shirt, and picked up a map from the Harvard Square information booth to chalk out the plan for the day. I’m a geeky soul. I had to visit Harvard University to cover its three famous museums: the Fogg Museum, The Busch-Reisinger Museum, and the Arthur M. Sackler Museum.


Farmers Markets

Cambridge is home to many farmers markets, and they set up shop on the weekends in the winter. Having worked in the field of sustainability in the past, I was thrilled to see how the city worked with the farmers to provide uninterrupted access and assistance in growing fresh, local produce.


Coffee and Books

After watching some street performances while casually strolling along the city, the bookworm in me decided to end the day over a cuppa, where I read at least one of the books I had bought from the stores along the way.


Day 2

Fresh Pond Reservation

(Image via Flickr by blt04)


This local reservoir and park was the best place to visit by day. A whiff of fresh air, a quick video call to family back home, and a jog along the endless stretch of green was exactly what I was looking for.


Charles River Cruise

I had always wanted to go to the city across the Charles River, and this was my chance. Instead of opting for the sunset tour, I took the hour-long guided day tour, cruising my way through picturesque sights and clicking pictures along the river.


Wine Tour

The trip ended beautifully with a concoction of flavours over a wine and cheese tasting tour that I took at the last minute. The tour, crafted for red, white, and fruit wine enthusiasts alike, lasted for two hours and offered a set of wine glasses as souvenirs.


Street Walking

(Image via Flickr by JefferyTurner)


I walked along the streets admiring historical sights and symbols, including the gorgeous Sanders Theatre, Memorial Hall, and the Central Square Historic District of Cambridge. I also came across street art and graffiti around Central Square’s Modica Way, an alley that’s dedicated to such art. I would say it makes for Instagram-worthy shots, but I don’t even have an Instagram account.

The trip wasn’t just about museums, but about a lot of shops and walking tours, as well. Anyone with a keen eye for architectural beauty will appreciate Cambridge. Sometimes it’s good to go without any agenda and catch up on your favourite read or people-watch from an outdoor café.


That, my friends, was Cambridge through my brother’s lens. Hope you enjoyed reading the pages from his diary.


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Travel to Cambridge - Sibling Diaries

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