Liebster Award: More travel tales your way

A feather in the cap


Lyf&Spice has been nominated for the Liebster Award – and happily accepts the award. Yayyy… With this, we continue to provide you with exciting travel tales and food journeys along the way. Many more to come…


The rest of the story…


I woke up to a message from a wonderful fellow traveller and foodie, Nastja from Brownie on the go – she nominated my blog Lyf&Spice for the award. Being thrilled to receive the first award for the blog, I can’t thank her enough for finding my blog worthy of it. Her blog provides brilliant travel insights into different countries, things to do, accommodation and a lot more. You have to check it out.

Cheers Nastja! Thanks for earning me some ‘brownie’ points (pun intended) 😉 … Here’s wishing you the best at everything. Continue charming the world with your explicit writing style.

Liebster award = by bloggers to bloggers = great means of encouraging and supporting one another.

Favourite travel blog:

My favourite travel blog has to be Bruised Passports, hands down. Run by the dazzling duo Savi and Vid, it’s an off-beat travel and fashion blog that I would like to call a ‘fairy-tale blog’, as it casts a spell on its readers. It contains postcard-like pictures, brilliant recommendations, travel advice, and of course, a touch of simplicity, happiness and magic at the same time. I have been reading posts from the dreamy weblog for a fairly long time – it continues to inspire me…

10 random facts about me:


  • I can sing
  • I am drawn to honesty
  • I can’t cook, but I can eat
  • I love writing as much as I love travelling
  • I want to try every thrilling/adventurous activity at least once
  • I love facing an audience with a mike in my hand
  • Crazy, peppy – with a decent sense of humour
  • I can sleep with my eyes open sometimes
  • I can’t (exactly) tie my shoe-laces
  • I love trying out bizzare food

Questions from Brownie on the go:

  • Your favorite country so far?

That’s a tough one. Every country is so beautiful and diverse, maybe I would stick with India because I’ve spent a major part of life there (it’s my home country) plus offers so much in terms of diversity…

  • Favorite type of transport while traveling?

I prefer airplanes to save time for travelling to another county. Road trips are fun too (minus the motion sickness).

  • What or who inspires you to travel?

My travel buddy / my hubby who is the best travel companion one could ask for. His zest to life in general, and travel as a means of evolving and connecting with the world, is impeccable.

  • Best memory from your trips?

There are lots – beach-walking and sunset gazing with my travel buddy, watching the locals share a meal as the sun sets at Vietnam, seeing the vendors put up tents for night markets, spending 24 hours amidst limestone rocks on Halong Bay, star gazing at the shores of Rishikesh, Scuba diving at Perhentian Islands…

  • Why did you start blogging?

To record my funny, crazy, adventurous and regular experiences and share tips with the world. If readers can benefit from my experiences, I’d be more than happy to share…

  • If you could only take 1 more trip, where would you go?

My home country, India

  • Did you earn some money from blogging?

Some – yes 😉

  • What is your favorite movie?

Oh gosh, I just realized I’ve got no favourites…

  • Cats or dogs? Which one you prefer?

Neither… I don’t really like pets.

  • What is your next destination?

Indonesia (most likely)

  • Have you been to Slovenia?

No, but would love to… and when I do, I’ll make sure I meet you 🙂

My questions:

  1. Travel is…
  2. Your favourite city
  3. Your favourite quote
  4. Your favourite food/cuisine
  5. How often do you travel?
  6. 1 place you regret going to
  7. What movie character are you?
  8. Your best travel experience so far
  9. 2 things you just can’t travel without
  10. Do you prefer tourist spots or quiet ones?
  11. Have you ever visited India? If yes, please share a line


Tipsy Travellers

Can travel Will Travel

Whisper Wanderlust 

Digital Travel Guru

A Make Believe World


Congrats to all the nominees. Wish you the best. Make sure to check out the rules here.

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  1. Congratulations for Nomination for “LIEBSTER AWARD”

    God bless yoooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

    Keep doing work—-, sky is the limit ————wishes for more achievements in your field.

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