10 Tips to Satisfy Food Cravings

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Tummy growling, mind howling…

Grr… Groan… Grrrrrr… Doesn’t your tummy growling really upset you at times? Is it just hunger or something beyond that? When your mind plays tricks and you see the food you most desire everywhere, you start drooling and continue thinking about it all the time… till you get it. Are food cravings driving you to the edge? Well, they are really hard to tame and you are bound to give in to them once in a while. Here are some tips to help you deal with those cravings without binging.


1. Understand the signs

It is imperative to understand the signs and subtle hints your body gives you from time to time. Sometimes, these are in the form of cravings, while other times they manifest themselves as severe hunger pangs. Whatever be the reason, once you have food on your mind, you can’t seem to get rid of the thoughts that haunt you and chase you till you have quenched the desire to feast.

2. Listen to your body

Understanding the signs is one thing and attending to them is another. Be smart and take care of your body. Do not ignore any signs, especially when it comes to food cravings, as they can result in binge eating and unhealthy overindulgence later during the day. These cravings can be physiological or psychological, so be weary of them. Understand what is it you crave. Do you have a sweet tooth, do you miss home food or do you desire fried snacks?

If you crave local foods from your native place or miss the tasty snacks your Mom used to make, then you must try the snacks from Place of Origin, the original source itself. This perfect platform for local foods in India offers everything you can possibly think of to satisfy your local food cravings. Be it the kaju puri from Maharashtra, the masala muri from Bengal, the chicken Andhra thokku from Telangana, the thepla from Gujarat or the Bhakarwadi from up North, they have it all covered.

3. Eat to your heart’s content

Remember, we said eat to your heart’s content and not stomach’s content. Attending to the stomach at all times is a rather tricky affair. It lures you to keep feeding it. Expanding your appetite is very easy, but fuelling it each time has detrimental effects to health. Have only as much as necessary. Do not take in more calories than you can burn in a day. It could get difficult to rely completely on home-made food while at work. Order some snacks like banana chips, roasted navratan mix, dry fruits, dates or karela chips to munch in between meals.

4. Control your portion size

Instead of bidding adieu to one or many food groups, it is better to cut down on the portion size, thereby reducing your craving for that particular food item. Eat smaller frequent meals. Give the body what it deserves even before it starts craving for it. Tune your body to a routine rather than upsetting it over irregular food habits and delayed meals.


5. Identify the seriousness

Is it just a simple craving or a serious ailment – pay heed. Attending to specific food cravings is fine, every once in a while. But, is it happening too frequently? If yes, maybe you have a deficiency of a mineral or nutrient. Do get yourself thoroughly checked and bring about healthy changes to your diet.

6. Check the famous 5

Make sure you have a balanced meal. Incorporate the famous five food groups – carbohydrates, fats, proteins, milk, and fruits and vegetables. This way your body will have its daily dose of nutrients and you will not miss anything.

7. Food is fun

Your day revolves around your meals, doesn’t it? With so many stressors affecting us every day, we must try our best to keep it fun and happy. Let’s start with food. Do not hesitate to experiment with flavours, colours and tastes. Just because a meal has to be balanced, it need not be boring. Head to stock up some snacks that add fun and flavour to your routine. When you feel like trying something new, try the fancy snacks from India’s largest and best local food platform.


8. Hop, but don’t skip

Try different flavours and textures of food, hop on to the next food group from one meal to another. Whatever you do, do not miss a meal. Never skip it unless you want to skip taking care of your body for even a day. Remember that the body is a store-house of energy that needs to be fuelled every now and then. Have a bowl of rich dry fruit museli mix or okara museli just before you head to work.  Skipping meals, especially breakfast, is like driving a car without fuel. What happens when the levels drop to zero or reserve?

9. Maintain a healthy routine

Exercise regularly, keep yourself hydrated and sleep well to regulate your routine and stay fit and healthy. Control food cravings and other issues by following these simple tips and stay happy to enjoy your work and routine.


10. Indulge without addiction

It’s ok to give in to your food cravings every once in a while. However, the key lies in moderation. Do not indulge in a big bowl of ice cream or an entire cookie. Instead, have a restrained amount that is just enough to satisfy your craving. If you are up to savouring local delicacies, try the extensive range of over 3500 specialties from more than 300 brands from Place of Origin to discover foods region-wise and taste the best local snacks.



Indulge guilt-free

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